Now, Apex Legends is a new game that's been trending these days, it has double the amount of people watching it over fortnite on twitch and some people, by some people I mean *show clips of famous streamers* reckon that this could might as well be the fortnite killer, which in my opinion I don't think that would be the case, I've played the game and I must say even though I'm not a big fan of such SCI-fi nisque (IDK if that's even a word) sort of games but it's certainly a good game, and I've been playing it quite a lot lately, I didn't expect it be to this good but it is and I think both Fortnite and Apex Legends can continue to peacefully co exist. But please let me know in the comments what according to you is the better game or if you're like me who enjoys both then hit like button and with that being said, let's get started!

Downloading a FAKE copy of Apex Legends Mobile for Android & iPhone (iOS)? Right now You can Play it on your PC, Playstation and Xbox But the one thing that it isn't available for yet is Mobile Devices (both android and iOS)

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and it's so funny, you search for Apex Legends Mobile on youtube and there are so many videos of people showing tutorials on how to get the game working on a mobile device. It's all bogus! Apex Legends does not exist for either Android or iOS devices yet. and funny enough, there's actually a video with over 50 thousand views that shows you how to install Apex legends on a mobile device and it's not even legit so what I'm gonna do is risk installing those apk (games) on both my Android and iPhone.Okay, so let's go to this video I was talking about, it's little interesting to say the least if you search Apex Legends Mobile, there are a lot of videos, this one looks quite interesting. It's crazy the likes are still more than dislikes and there are comments which I don't know if it's real or fake. but it's quite interesting to see him claiming this game to work on a phone.
Download Apex Legends:

Winning Apex Legends with NO WEAPON:
Just remember that as of upload date of this video, Apex Legends for Mobile (Android/iOS) does not exist! 14/02/19.
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