Now, Edit Full HD/4K/8K Videos Smoothly without any lag on a Low-end, super old cum Slow Computer/Laptop using Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Filmoara without using Proxy. Edit Videos on a SUPER SLOW PC - Improve Video Editing Speed on an OLD PC - My Instant Search

Video Tutorial:

You can use any video software, doesn't matter even if you have a PC older than 10 years. This means you can not only use programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Da Vinci Relove, Filmora or basically any video editing software out but edit the videos even in 4k with ease on a Laptop (or desktop) that old. I started out with Windows Movie Maker, tried a lot of editors, then settle onto Vegas Pro. I used Vegas Pro (it was Sony Vegas Pro then) for a couple of years then in 2017 1 finally switched to the editor that I use i.e Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Editing on a Low-spec (Old and Slow PC) isn't easy and I get you. You might be looking for a fairly light video editing software that can actually, function on your pc and also has all the essential features.  
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
(the one I used in the video)
Click Here to Download

If your video is being cut short that means you must be using the trial version.
You need to buy the Converter here

Download HandBrake (encoder)
(it's a free open-source alternative)
Click Here

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I'd suggest you watch the above video which is a step by step guide on editing Full HD (1080p) or 4K (2160p) video on a low-spec PC.

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