Get Youtube Premium (formerly Youtube Red) and Youtube Music for free! On Android, iOS, PC, and Smart TVs.

I have covered in the below video how you can get Youtube premium on all the devices, android, iOS, and PC keep in mind this will even work in your smart TVs.
If you have an iPhone but don't have a credit card, don't worry, I have also gone through that in the video, so you don't have to deal with the app store issue. 

So, I tried to resolve as many questions regarding this I could.


I'm sure if you clicked on this, then you already know what Youtube Premium is. 

I suppose I should not waste your time by going over those things like what it is, why should you try it, how much it costs, stuff like that.

If you are interested in knowing all those things, basically all the necessary things before buying the subscription, then you going to want to stick around the entire video.
Youtube Premium
Click Here

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Can't see Google Pay?

You should try a VPN 
You get a Special 3 Months FREE deal with the 12 Months plan (just here)

After installing the VPN

Once you've got the VPN and installed the app on your device,
Visit this link while being connected to the Indian Server.
Express VPN (India-Mumbai -1 Server)


"I am not able to add a debit card on my phone, and also with your link, there is no Google pay, what to do?"


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