Don't Worry! if your phone doesn't have OIS(Optical Image Stabilization), Here is the Solution:

What is OIS?

Abbreviated as OIS, optical image stabilization is the apparatus, contained within a digital camera or other digital recording device, that compensates in real-time for shaking and vibrating while recording. Because OIS is a real-time compensation there is no alterations or image degradation to the image.

Why do you need OIS?

You you are photography enthusiast then your phone should must have OIS because it helps your phone to capture sharp and clear image(with low or no noise) in low light or in shaking condition. Assume if you are recording a video and walking around if your phone does not have OIS then it will shake too much and it will look like that you are riding on horse for no reason and shaking your phone like you are make shake :p. If you have OIS in your phone then it will you will notice very low or no shake in the video it will look like the shot has been taken on the tripod.


Now, let's have a picture comparison between OIS (on) and OIS (off)

Left picture was captured without OIS and the right one was captured with OIS


How can you use OIS (Anti Shake) feature on your smartphone even if it doesn't have Optical Image Stabilization Sensor and it is incompatible. You can use this Trick which is shown in the video.

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