Will Epic Games Sue Fortcraft(NetEaseG)? 
Now, there've games like PUBG that completely changed the way we see battle royale games nowadays, only a few weeks after it's release, the game made it to the top games on the steam.
Now, soon after the release of the original game, then comes another game followed by the name of Rules of Survival, not only for PC but for Android and iOS as well, and the best part was that it's free, an now have a look, the mobile version has around 10-50 mil downloads, but in real it's just a blatant copy of pubg but it's free and people are enjoying what can go wrong? During the same time a game named Fortnite also entered the market with same concept of Battle Royale but it was free unlike pubg and offered much better weekly updates all for free, and turns out to this date Fortnite is one of the hottest game in the market right now beating the original PUBG in many scenarios. 
So, later on there come's the mobile version of PUBG but by the time Rules of survival has already done all the damage to PUBG.

Now, yesterday I made a video on Fortnite that now it's finally coming to Mobile devices. But as you may already know that it's only available for iOS devices at the moment that too for just few people, and it'll start rolling the android version out in upcoming months.
But in the meantime, guess what? a game comes from no where that seems and feels somewhat insanely identical to what the mobile version of Fortnite would have, Here comes the Fortcraft for you (yeah that's actually the name of the game) and guess who's behind this game well, NetEase Games, the guys behind Rules of Survival!

Alright enough with talks, This game is actually fun, I've got nothing against it, it's good and you can enjoy it meantime until Fortnite comes out to more and more devices gradually.

Download ApkPure: Click Here (for android)

Download Fortcraft: Click Here (for iOS)

Check the gameplay in the video below:


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