Play High-End Superb Looking Graphics game on Low-End Android devices by adjusting graphic settings manually and by increasing ram.

This video is about, How to fix Pokemon Go all kinds of crash which includes, unexpectedly crashes, Unfortunately, Stopped, continuous loading, infinite loading, blue screen loading, crashes after Niantic logo (white screen, stuck and crash), Several Server Issue fixed. 

Now, with the help of this video Make Pokemon go running faster on old devices. 

Now You can play Pokemon go on devices having even as low as just 512mb of ram.

Disclaimer: Do at your own risk, I'm not responsible if your phone gets harmed.

Fixed Problems: 
  • The white screen then crashes
  • Stay aware of your surroundings, then crashes
  • Phone freeze-ups and crashes
  • Stuck on Niantic white screen, then crashes
  • Onboard-avatar-already-set
  • Stops after configuring the character
  • Not working on devices with low RAM (Now, works on devices with below 2GB ram.)
  • Works on devices with 512mb ram

▶▶How to Fix - Unfortunately Pokemon Go has stopped | Crashing Problem:

Download GL Tools: Click Here


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