This video is about "How to install Pokemon Go on Android Jelly Bean 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 or higher. WITHOUT ROOT/NO ROOT"


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    You can register Pokemon Trainer Account here:

    1. Download the "PokemonGO" APK file (This Pokemon Go 0.29.2. version is unlocked for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher)
    2. Download the "APKeditor-59" APK file (same as you can download from Google Play)
    3. Copy both APK file one of the phone's folder (example: Downloads)
    4. Install the "APKeditor-59" application
    5. Open the installed "APK Editor" and follow the instructions on the video with the usage of the program (set "Internal Only").
    6. Start Pokemon GO
    7. Wait until the loading screen disappear (at the first start it can take quite long)
    8. Restart your phone
    9. Start Pokemon GO
    10. Join with Pokemon Trainer Club! (Google Account not tested by me since our Android is not supported by Google)
    11. Leave feedback with your device and android version to help each other!!
    12. ENJOY

    If you encounter problems, try the followings:
    *restart phone
    *turn GPS off /start the game/ close the game/ turn on/ start the game
    *turn Airplane mode on/ start the game/ close the game/ turn off/ start the game

    Samsung Ace3 Android 4.2.1
    Lanix S620 Android 4.2.1.
    Huawei P6 Android 4.2.2.
    Alcatel 6034R Android 4.3.3.
    Sony Xperia SP Android 4.3
    Samsung S3 Android 4.3
    LENOVO TAB A3300H Android 4.2.2.

    "Lowest" compatible device is Samsung Ace3 with Android 4.2.1 YET.

    Parse/Parsing error fixed!

    I have not tried to join with Google Account since these android versions are not supported by Google, but you can still try to use it...

    This version seems quite stable and the loading-screen-stuck is also fixed plus:
    FIXED "App Not Installed"
    FIXED "Problem parsing the package"

    P.S.: If you need I can post a video about the unlocking method (it was quite easy). I can reduce more the required Android version if you need a lower version than Android 4.1. I will try to keep up with the unlocking when a new version is released since this version does not update itself.

    Pokemon Go(0.31.0) Edited apk: 

    Pokemon Go(0.29.3) Edited apk: 

    Pokemon Go(0.29.2) Edited apk: 

    APK Editor: 


    1. Hey i am using Tab 4 t-231 but it is not working for me pls help me

      1. Watch this:

    2. The game on Allview A6 Quad [512 mb ram,quad core] don't work,crash when the game ask of my birthday...

      1. Fix:

    3. I just can't open the game, i get a full white screen and it crashes

      1. Fix:

    4. I got it to work on my LG VS870 on Android 4.1.2 Jellybean. :3

      I had to make it save externally on the APK editor for it to work.

    5. i can't catch my first pokemon

    6. I'm using a Samsung s3 with version 4.1. After pressing "Sign up with Google" I just get a white screen with the loading Pokeball. I've tried your other fixes but with no luck so far : (

    7. What to do when it require to update?

    8. how to update pokemon go😰
      it said i have to update to continue(0.31.0)

    9. It loads and

      It needs to update..
      My phone is on android 4.2

    10. If anyone want to edit any app very easy and quick then try must this application APK Editor APKPure


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