A lot of you asked me how I got, actually not a lot just this guy on Instagram, and because I don't have as many followers on Instagram, so follow me out of kindness.
I just wanted some kind of excuse to share this with you all and make a video on this.
To showcase how good Apple's AR is.
And if the title was to clickbait well, sorry to say but if you're here meaning it worked and sadly that's how youtube functions these days.
So, MacPro is gonna be out soon, when precisely that we don't know but fast, and I guess we gonna know more about on the 10th the day when the keynote is held on.

I'm gonna let you in for a secret, how I got it before release I didn't. And for free.?!
So before we begin here's a quick heads-up you're gonna need a device running iOS 12 and above,
Now, get your iPhone and go to the first link and click then...
Not gonna lie. This doesn't look as convincing.
And I'm sorry if you're watching this on PC or android you won't be able to do this I'm afraid.
The process is entirely the same for the pro display as well, just go to the website and click the saying pro display and you'd see this pop-up come up, go ahead and place it around your desk like you would any regular monitor then you can click all the pictures you want to.
how I got mac pro with XDR before anyone else

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