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Unbrick and Restore Factory Image on Nexus 6!

Nexus 6 Not Turning on? Easy FIX! 2016!

Sometimes while flashing custom roms or doing something incorrectly we get stuck into a softbrick. When nothing else works the only thing left that will always work to unbrick your Nexus 6, as long as it isn’t hardbricked, is to restore the factory image file. Restoring your device using the factory image file will always work and in general you can choose what Android version you want to restore your device to. The latest Android version as of the time of this writing is Android 5.0.1. The links will be updated as new versions of Android roll out for the Nexus 6. I have provided a video tutorial you check out above or for a text guide and the download files please proceed. We will restore the stock factory image onto the Nexus 6 using WugFresh toolkit.
Installation Guide
Now before we get started on using the Toolkit there are a few things we need to do on our device. We first need to enable developer options by going to Settings=>About Phone=>Build Number. Tap on Build Number multiple times until it says you have developer options enabled.
Go back into developer options and make sure ‘Enable OEM Unlock’ and ‘USB Debugging’ are checked.
Turn off your Nexus 6, wait for it to turn off completely and boot into bootloader fastboot mode by pressing and holding Power Button + Volume Down Button.
Connect your Nexus 6 to your computer via the micro usb cable and install the toolkit. When prompted to input the type of device you have along with the Android version you have go ahead and input the information necessary. For instance, I have the Nexus 6 and I am running Android 5.0.1.
In step 3 we booted our Nexus 6 into bootloader fastboot mode. This is where we need to be before we can start using the Toolkit. Before you are able to do anything else you need to unlock the bootloader on your device. This needs to be done before you are able to Flash a stock image file. To unlock the bootloader click on unlock. Click ok on the pop up and follow the prompt. **Note** Unlocking the bootloader will wipe your device so back up any important files you don’t want to lose. I recommend copying those files over to your desktop.
Your device will reboot and ask you to go through the set up wizard. Skip the set up wizard and go straight to your phone’s settings. You need to enable developer options again so we can flash the stock image. Follow the steps from step 1-2 to enable usb debugging.
Turn off your device and boot into bootloader mode Download and open Wugfresh toolkit. While your device is connected to your computer via the micro usb cable click on where it says, “Flash Stock + Unroot” under Back to Stock.
Just follow the popup instructions and click ok. Your device’s bootloader will reboot your device as it is returned back to stock.
Once all files are done flashing your device will boot into the setup wizard you saw when you first turned on your device.
After completing all the steps and you will have successfully flashed the stock image file onto your device. And if the reason you did this was to unbrick your softbricked device you will be please to know that it will be functioning very well. I hope you find this helpful, if you do please share it with your friends.

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