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How to Buy Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Successfully by using buying script

Freedom 251 by Ringing Bells has set the nation on fire with it's unbelievable price which is Rs.251.
There website is having some issue due to heavy amount of traffic. So, here is the simplest way to buy it without wasting your time in filling forms. Share this with your friends and help them to get this phone!
Buy it here:
      var location=window.location.href;
      if(location == "" || location==""      ){
        console.log("Same page loaded again");
       if($( "input[name='quantity']" ).size()==0){
           console.log("Page not loaded; Reloading");
        $( "input[name='name']" ).val( "YourNAME");
        $( "input[name='quantity']" ).val( "1");
        $( "textarea[name='address']" ).val( "YourAddress");
        $( "input[name='state']" ).val( "Enter State Name here" );
        $( "input[name='city']" ).val( "Enter City Name here" );
        $( "input[name='pin']" ).val( "123456" );
        $( "input[name='phone']" ).val( "1234567890" );
        $( "input[name='email']" ).val( "" );
        $( "input[type='checkbox']" ).prop('checked', true);
        $( "button[type='submit']" ).click();
          alert("Payment Page Opened");
  }, 3000);

Video Tutorial:

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