Character error 

For the whole film, Pawan is shown as a Bajrangi follower and also he never lies. But, when Munni meets Pawan for the first time, he offers her Parathas and leaves him at a temple saying "Hum aate hai" means he will come back. Next minute he is shown catching a bus and leaving. His lied, whereas the character in the film is never lying.


In the brothel scene when munni comes running towards salman, we see him holding bangles in his right hand. Then he wipes his tears with the same hand (bangles are gone), and then when munni holds salman the bangles reappear in his hand and she takes it from his hand.
In the Mosque of Kashmir Scene when Salman is sitting with the girl he puts a cloth to shadow her face from the sun, the cloth was keep changing position in different shots.

Errors in geography 

Narowal is not a hill station as shown in the film. It doesn't snow over there.
When Chan Nawab appeals to the local people to come at Narowal sector. Its shown in Kashmir but actually Narowal sector is situated in Punjab near Sialkot.
In film Chawara sector showed in Sindh but actually it is situated in Punjab near Sialkot.
Bajrangi crosses the border and entered Sindh. He travels quite some distance on foot and by Jeep and reaches Khanewal which is in Punjab. You can't reach Khanewal that quickly even from areas of Sindh near Punjab.

Factual errors 

When Munni is in Pakistan her family is watching the match between Pakistan and India Asia Cup 2014.In that match Shahid Afridi hit two sixes and Pakistan wins.On the other side when Munni is lost in India and while residing at Pavan (Salman Khan's) home and again the same match is being telecast live.
Nawazuddin's appeal gets picked up in Pakistan and people are watching the appeal on YouTube. However, YouTube is banned in Pakistan.
The scorecard of the cricket match shown at the start of the movie is not consistent with the shots that Shahid Afridi is playing. That six to Ashwin was hit on the last ball of the match while the scorecard shows 25 runs needed. Secondly, the match shown on TV when Munni claps and kisses the TV screen at Pakistan's victory is the same as the one at the start of the movie (some 6 years earlier) . It's a famous encounter between Pakistan and India at Asia Cup 2014.
The match after which Shahida was named was a day-night match. But the Pakistanis in Sultanpur were watching it live during the day.
When Chand Nawab was shooting the video of Munni And Bajrangi with Munni holding Corn in her Hand she gave a flying kiss and the corn fell from her hands, but the video uploaded by Chand Nawab on YouTube showed Munni Waving her hand and the Corns falling from hand.
After Salman pays the Passport/visa agent Rs. 50,000 to help arrange for Munni's return to Pakistan, he returns back to gift her her favorite bangles, but to find that the shop has been closed for the day. However, on the shop's signboard it is mentioned that they are open 24 hours for passport & visa services.


The first scene of Chand Nawab (Nawazuddin) has Indian Rail in background which is of Blue Colour. Pakistan Trains are different and may be of green color.

Revealing mistakes 

When Munni enters India, they stamp her passport near the border gate as I guess it is day time. When she exits India, they somehow forget to stamp her passport it as it is night.

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