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17 Things About Dubai That Are Way Too Weird

Dubai is one of the most coveted, albeit most expensive cities to live in. But then again, it is also one of the weirdest places to live in. I mean seriously, imagine a scenario where you go to the park for an evening walk and see some random people walking their pets; only the pets aren’t the ‘Tommies’ you’re habituated to see.
Here are 17 weird things you’d see only in Dubai.

1. Air-conditioned bus stops

2. Biiiiig pets

And people riding their super big pets.

3. In fact, it’s a perfect example of peaceful cohabitation of people and their pets

Where the pets sometimes get exotic treats.

4. Oh, and Dubai also has ‘wide’ vehicles

5. And extremely enviable cop cars *turns green in envy*

6. Not to mention the vending machines for gold

Because you never know when you might need some gold!

7. Or, you know, a car made of gold

Serious competition for you, Bappi da!

8. Plus they have amazing solutions to reduce traffic jams

9. Traffic jams that are caused by really hot cars

10. In fact, they substitute for the lack of space on ground by making sky high tennis courts

11. And ski resorts inside shopping malls

12. They also engage in robot camel racing, since using actual kids for camel racing is banned

13. People sometimes casually take their camels out for a stroll

Or put them in the parking lot to chill

14. Even the people themselves chill in style, wearing fur coats inside an ‘ice-cafe’, in the middle of the desert

Or they just go to a Starbucks that looks like this.

15. Or stay home and get pizza delivered by a fancy car

16. While probably practicing balancing acts like this

17. And because their swag knows no bounds, they need two extra artificial islands

Dubai people are truly the kings of weirdness. And swag of course!

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