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Shocking Biggest Mistakes In Blockbuster Movie – BAAHUBALI

So, after the blockbuster hit in the box office of almost the whole of the world, Baahubali has fallen into the hands of the critics who are supposedly unhappy with the amount of production’s ratio with the quality of the film produced.
What they found crticizable was the neglection of basic and simple things related to direction, graphics, story and etc, etc. Guess the director was too busy in his own self righteousness of the hype that was showcased in the trailers.
Here are the mistakes in the movie that we found are too big to be neglected and yet shocking with the quality of the director is known.
 Too Much of Hype than the real outcome.
Given the amount of hype and the marketing when compared to the real outcome of the movie, there was very little to be seen from it. Well, as expected the jaws did drop but not with the amusement but with the yawning in between.
The climbing scene with two great flaws
When Baahubali was climbing he did not have any shoes on his feet, but after climbing he was seen wearing shoes. That is a mistake unless he kept a pair as spare above the cliff.
The other one was that he was not at all putting effort on his arms while climbing but the waist got pulled up easily. And as you see more precisely, you can see the structure of rope bondation on his which was pulling him up.
It takes momentum to go from one hill to next while jumping – Prabhas, however, just stands and jumps
Change in Shivudu’s attire before and after he enters Maahishmati. How did he get a horse?
Prabhas gets stuck in roots; however, in next shot, only one root is seen
Clothes of Bhallaladeva and Baahubali change during the Manohari song
So much blood coming out from just a cut – This can only happen to Prabhas
In previous shot, the legs of statue were covered with a maroon cloth and the cloth disappears in the next scene
The story is being narrated by Katappa to Shiv; however, the scenes where Katappa was not present were also narrated. Example – The scene where Bhallala throws away the rope so that Baahubali dies is witnessed only by BHallala so how does Katappa comes to know of this?
RANA said that he wants to kill baahubali for another time. But in the last shot we are shown Kattappa killing Baahubali.
How could Anushka collect sticks from a clean yard and surprisingly there were no leaves around
In last shot, girl was wearing sleeves and in next she is in sleeveless to sport the tattoo
Where does he get the shoes from?
Wristband on her hands keep moving from left to right
How can Tammana not identify Prabhas when she has already met Baahubali who has the same face
When Prabhas escapes with Anushka, they could have simply closed the gates instead of barricading with flaming grass bundles?
The permanent scar on Avanthika’s right cheek vanishes after she cleans up
Shivudu & Baahubali have identical faces as adults even though they are markedly different as children

How can Sivagami, Bijjala Deva get each detail of the war in real time which is happening over tens of acres
At the end of Pacha Bottesi song, ribbon knot appears out of nowhere

Baahubali knew Tamanna’s name before knowing it. How?
When he met the warrior princess Tamanna, in the scene when he was painting on her arm while she was aiming, he spelled her name and later he was introduced to her.

Baahubali really got the talent of guessing names right.
Not so real
The moustaches weren’t natural, the beard wasn’t, skins not so natural. Sense of artificiality was prevalent.
We aren’t complaining about the huge monumental graphical error but with these ground level basics where the director failed to deliver even with the whopping amount he had the privilege to make it as truly monumental.
Multiple Intermissions
A movie can consist of one intermission, but in our Indian cinema where the movies tend to be lasting for 3 hours mostly, a small interval is required for the pee pees and the refreshments.

But Baahubali made its debut in the multiple interval movie list. It had two intervals in between. You can now guess the movie duration length now!
Cuts at the wrong places
‘Editing’ one among the culprit to drown Bahubali movie is a serious shock. Known for his flawless transition of his screenplay Rajamouli faltered with  the smoothness of the flow.
There were plenty of hiccups all the way through and editing was the biggest mistake.
Too much Heroism
” Too much of anything is good for nothing “. This is exactly what happened with ‘Baahubali’.  Prabhas though aptly the best fit hasn’t lived up to his potential.
Tonnes of scenes chanting ‘Bahubali Bahubali …’ Only added fuel to the ‘hate flame’.
Misleading Genre
Bahubali Conceptualised as ‘fantasy mythological action drama’ went horribly wrong when it got executed on the screen. The movie looked like a spoof of ‘ SKI SAFARI’ game, ‘ ‘Ninjump’.
The scenes of this movie weren’t convincing enough to even for a layman.
Wrong swapping of roles ( public opinion )
The roles of the two hit Tollywood actresses were just not so much of fitting into the hearts of the public. Tamanna being the warrior princess, when we have already the known the potential and the exquisite acting of Anushka in the warrior roles.
Though Anushka was given a different kind of role in this movie, she successfully gave goosebumps to the viewers. Imagine her in the role of the warrior princess.
The rope controversy
When the golden statue of Bhalla deva was being erected, the old man loses control of the rope. He is saved by Prabhas who gets control of the rope at the right time. Instead of the rope being tight, it is still slackened. A huge un-neglectable mistake in the editing.
If you are still not convinced with the mistakes that may lead you to knowing the back logs of the film.


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