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Major Mistakes in movie Bahubali

Major Mistakes in movie Bahubali


The bracelet on Avanthika keeps changing from her right hand to left hand in multiple scenes.
Change in attires of Bhallaladeva and Baahubali during and after the Manohari song.
Change in Shivudu's attire before and after he enters Maahishmati. How did he get a horse?
Bijjaladeva's crippled hand position varies during multiple scenes.

Factual errors 

When Shivudu pulls the rope on the statue, the rope is seen barely tight. Also, it's to the side of the statue.
During the War Sequence Sivagami, Bijjala Deva etc will be watching the war and respond to each and every incident of it which is almost impossible as the war is happening in tens of acres and is difficult to identify who's doing what.
The edge of the rope which is released from the hands of Bhallaladeva is initially not thick enough to get stuck to the stone. But once it falls down from his hands, it's size increases. (Baahubali catches Saketa scene)
Before the beginning of the fight, Bahubali sheds his own blood on the statue. That's too much blood spill for a cut.
There are Two big rocks flying from the catapult with a cape attached to it. The momentum of both the rocks vary, but they're shown all as constant. The shadow on the ground suggests its very high which is slightly not possible.


When Shivudu pulls the rope so that the statue doesn't crush the men underneath, the rope is barely tight. If one pulls a rope whose other end is tied to a huge load, the rope should be tightly suspended.
The Maahishmati idol worship scene and prepping the troops for the war should have been after meeting with Kaalakeya chief. It would have made more sense to have this scene after he refuses the offer put forth by Maahishmati kingdom.
How does Avanthika know that she was tattooed by a person (that too a male)?
How did Shivudu fall down the mountain unscathed?
How did Shivudu know that the lady in the mask is single and looking for love?

Plot holes 

How do Devasena know about her child being alive?

Revealing mistakes 

When Saketa reaches the edge of the mountain where he has no where to run, shots from different angles show no stone/maintain piece where he stands. But just when Baahubali and Bhalladeva arrive and Baahubali throws the rope to Bhalladeva, a stone appears to which the rope gets stuck.
In the second tattooing scene, Shivudu is seen holding the color in one hand. So how did he tattoo Avanthika the first time under water?

Sivudu climbs the hill with bear foot, and all of sudden he appears wearing boots.

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