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Investment lessons from Game of Thrones

Popular HBO production, Game of Thrones is in its fifth season. The characters in this fictional setting fight for their right to the throne. But there’s more to it than this mad race! GoT tells us much more than just human behavior. It also, incidentally, gives insights on the investment acumen needed to succeed in the market. Here’s a look at how GoT can unravel your investor qualities by telling you what to learn and unlearn!
What to do as an investor:
  1. Have the foresight
He knows on what to bet his gold and most importantly has the foresight to identify the direction winds are blowing in! When it came to defending the King’s Landing, these two qualities were very well exhibited. Only Tyrion Lannister had the ability to know what was coming their way and what had to be done in such circumstances. His conduct and strategy during the battle was impeccable and yielded great returns.
If you have the foresight and ability to predict the markets accurately you are likely to be a successful investor. Predicting things before they happen and preparing for them in advance is what will take you places! These qualities will help you move fast and put your mouth where the money is, making you somewhat of a Tyrion Lannister of investments.
  1. Become opportunistic
Jamie Lannister earned the nickname the King’s Slayer as he had killed the King before King Robert Baratheon despite being the chief of the Kings Guard. Not only did he see an opportunity in defeat and managed to retain his position by pledging loyalty to the new king, he grew stronger in strength and stature. He knew the right moves and where to invest his energy! Even during his captivity, all he did was plot ways to escape, which he did by capitalizing on Lady Stark’s weakness. Now what other traits do you need to be a successful investor?
If you are shrewd, have an eye to spot an upcoming opportunity and can make your move in the investment market when the time is ripe, you definitely possess the qualities of Jamie Lannister. Applying these skills in your investments can be a boon for you: just as in battle where the general has to spot an opportunity when it arises, an investor also needs to possess the skill to get his timing right and seize the moment to maximize profits.
  1. Be diligent
If planning, managing and using a situation to your advantage are your forte, then you share the pedestal with Tywin Lannister, the patron of the Lannister clan. These qualities will make you a terrific investor as they will help you stay ahead of the curve while you execute your moves. These very qualities have helped Tywin many a times to outwit his rivals. Meticulous in his plans, he was always aware of the smallest details, and never missed a chance to capitalize when others failed. Keeping an eye (and ear!) out for information, and cultivating spies in enemy and friendly camps have helped fructify many a cruel, albeit impressive, plots.
What not to do:
  1. Don’t be inflexible
Well-meaning and kind, Ned Stark unfortunately never adjusted to the changing times, and therefore lost everything. Agreeing to serve as the King’s Hand to support an old friend, he found himself at the center of a political storm. The biggest learning one can get from Ned Stark is that as an investor you should be alert to change and willing to adapt. Being stubborn and bound by old investment traditions does not necessarily lead to rich dividends. Flexibility and innovation is the key to being a good investor.
  1. Avoid being indecisive
The biggest strength of an investor is decision-making. If you happen to be uneasy taking tough calls or tend to flip-flop often, it’s time to straighten up. Learn what not to do from Lady Stark. She could not stand firm on anything which inadvertently led to her family’s misfortunes and death of a few. If you are unable to decide and take a stand, you are likely to share your fate as an investor with her. Trusting your instincts and standing up for them is going to be important in the long term for your investments to fructify.Make your opinion known, and trust your instincts. Do not get overwhelmed by differing opinions, and stand your ground if confident.
  1. Stop being stubborn
GOTIf you do not believe in making a calculated retreat and are often the one to hold your ground, you share traits with Rob Stark. Though the words sound good, stubbornness with investments will leave you in a lurch, as you will fail capitalize on the evolving scenarios. This is where Rob Stark went wrong. He overstretched his command and the army to the extent that they were ultimately defeated in cold blood even before the fight for King’s Landing could begin. Knowing when to take a step back and retreat is as important a quality as knowing when to stand your ground or advance. It’s best to invest within your means and always be open to assess your investment options.
Always reassess your options, and if needed, pull out to minimize losses. Lose a few battles instead of losing the war!
So, basically, when it comes to investing money, being a badass helps!

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