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Here’s how to find the best Android phone for you

Android as a platform has grown over the years. Google’s mobile OS is now running on billions of smartphones and tablets all over the world. Soon, we'll even see Android on more cars with the Android Auto being installed on dashboards by different car manufacturers. There’s also Brillo which will take Android deeper into our homes. The Internet of Things? Almost here.

With so many models from different phone makers around the world and different versions of Android, it can be a challenge to choose The One. While it can be a cinch to go to a retailer or mobile carrier and ask which phone is ideal for you, one still has different needs and preferences.

And so Google has set up a page so anyone can choose the right Android phone. To get started, you will be asked about the things you want to do with your phone. Will the phone be used mainly for taking photos, listening to music, staying fit, or web browsing?

My new Android phone is for

I tried the page and chose ‘Taking photos’. On the next page, I was asked ‘How often do you take photos?’. I answered ‘about 5 a week’. Next question: What’s important for your phone’s camera? I clicked one ‘Fast, high quality photos’.

The page asked me another activity, I chose ‘Staying Fit’. (Not that it’s true….)

How often would you track physical activity? Everyday. (Right....)

How might your ideal phone help your workouts? I chose two: ‘With heart-pumping playlists’ and ’Tracking every calories, step, and mile’.

close match

The page now showed a message that I am close to a match but would need to choose one more activity. I answered ‘Gaming’. I then chose ‘Less than an hour a day’ when asked how often do I play. What kind of games do I play? I answered ‘Role playing, Simulation’.

The site has finally found matches for me. I clicked on ‘Show me phones’ and then was asked to narrow down the choices by choosing a carrier. I clicked on ‘Choose later’ because I really have no idea. I was given a blank page and then was automatically sent to the homepage. I moved back and then finally chose AT&T and here are the Android phones suggested by Google:

here are android phones you might like

I expected the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge would come up on top but didn’t expect that the Galaxy S5 would still make the list. The LG G4 was somehow expected because it is one of the latest premium models in the market today. If I have the budget, I’d personally choose a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

A pop-up window was shown suggesting to save the matches and email them to myself or bring them to a local Android retail partner. A direct link to AT&T’s website was also provided in case you want to order the Android phone online or check other store locations.

I tried once more and pretended that I wanted an Android phone more for productivity, work, and while on the go. Top results were the LG G4, Nexus 6, and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

I’m sure Google has already categorized the phones. I’m just interested to know the rating system the tech giant used. Interested to find out what should be THE Android phone for you? Visit this Android page.

SOURCE: Android

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