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Timex Ironman Move X20 review

Timex Ironman Move X20 review


- Decent battery backup
- Accurate pedometer
- Call notifications

With an eye on the expanding fitness wearables segment in India, watch giant Timex introduced its Ironman Move X20 fitness band at a price of Rs 8,995.

Initially unveiled in August 2014, the band features 3D accelerometer technology and has a built-in display to track and show steps, distance, calories, time of day and date. The company also offers a companion app Timex phone app (compatible with iOS and Android) to display fitness and sleep statistics and caller ID and SMS notifications. Is the Move X20 the perfect fitness band you've been waiting for? We try to find out in our review.

Look and feel

The Timex Move X20 essentially comprises of a silicone band that sports a slightly curved resin case to fit one's wrist. It does look sporty and is well built. We got a pink and black version of the fitness band. The band can be adjusted to fit one's wrist with the help of a clasp that features two spokes to fit into the other end with two holes. While the band is soft and comfortable, the main casing is comparably harder and doesn't feel as unobtrusive as the Xiaomi Mi Band. More so because of the two metal contacts it sports for charging. You'll notice that it gets itchy as you start sweating and you'd want to remove it before going to sleep (which also means you won't be able to use the sleep tracking feature).

The Move x20 is resistant to water splashes which means that you can wash your hands or step out in light rain, but can't submerge the device or use it in the shower.

The fitness band features a digital display and two buttons (one above and one below the display). The display offers text and graphics in blue colour and is easily readable outdoors.

Features and our experience
Ironman Move x20 features 3D accelerometer technology and the built-in display shows steps, distance, calories, time, day and date. The band can also record total sleep time and the hours/minutes of light sleep and deep sleep.

It comes with a Workout mode features that tracks elapsed time, distance, pace, calorie expenditure and steps.

The tracker connects with the free Timex phone app (which is compatible with iOS and Android) to display caller ID and SMS and show statistics. It also has a 'Find Phone' feature that activates audible alert on the connected smartphone. The band offers goal completion alerts, can hold 30 days of daily data, 30 workout files, and 10 days of sleep data.

We used the band with the Move X20 iOS app. The setup process is pretty simple; you just need to turn Bluetooth on and initiate pairing by long pressing the Home button on the band, set up a profile by entering your vital statistics and create an account. You can also set a daily goal based on this information.

The band records and displays steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned. You can cycle through this information along with other information such as time and weather by pressing the Play button.

Pressing the Home button brings up options to turn on the workout and sleep modes. Yes, you need to manually turn on workout and sleep tracking, which is a bit cumbersome. You do have the option to turn on and turn off sleep mode at a fixed time everyday but we'd have preferred an auto mode similar to the Xiaomi Mi Band as most people don't really have a fixed sleep time.

We found that the step tracking was more accurate and false steps were less compared with trackers like the Mi Band. However as with other bands it relies on your stride and there could be discrepancies, especially if you compare it with Apple's own sensors (the step count our iPhone 6 displayed was less). The sleep tracking was also detailed with data for deep sleep and light sleep.

However, the iPhone app is pretty basic and just helps you analyse the data. It doesn't plug into Apple's HealthKit and isn't very smart. Notifications are also limited to phone call and SMS alerts. We also observed that the tracker lost connection with the phone at several occasions.

The Move x20 is powered by a rechargeable battery and offers battery backup of 7 days. We found the claim to be true. The charging mechanism is a little odd as you have to tie the charger around the band with the contacts meeting each other.

At nearly Rs 9,000 it's difficult to recommend the Timex Ironman Move x20. It's more accurate than the cheaper fitness trackers available in the market but only offers basic functionality. Trackers like the Mi Band offer almost the same functionality and is much more comfortable to wear. Paying more just for a display that shows up basic notifications and time doesn't really make sense. We feel that Timex could have priced the bands lower and offered a more feature rich and smarter companion app.

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