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Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphones review

Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphones review


- Great wireless reception
- Bass mode is powerful
- Easy to connect

Sennheiser RS 175 is a set of wireless headphones targeted at people who want to watch TV, play games on their consoles or listen to music on their home theatre keeping the audio to themselves without sacrificing on the surround sound experience.

The headphones are not employ the use of Bluetooth connectivity and instead use Sennheiser's proprietary 2.4-GHz digital transmission technology through a transmitter that connects to the audio source. We try to find out if the RS 175 are the perfect wireless headphones for home use.

Build & design
A we mentioned, the RS 175 comprises of the headphones and the transmitter tower unit. Decked up in black, the transmitter tower follows a minimalist design language and blends in easily with your (black/grey) home theater or TV set. The transmitter is light weight and perfectly balances the headphones when they're docked on top of it for charging (the top houses a charging port). It features a LED indicators for connectivity/charging and Lo and Hi Surround sound and Bass. There are two push buttons for surround sound and bass as well. At the back you'll find a digital optical audio in port as well as a 3.5mm in port along with a charging connector port.

The headphones feature large over-the-ear ear cups with well cushioned ear pads that are very comfortable. The adjustable headband is also cushioned for support at two places between the charging connectors. This cushioning ensures that you get a comfortable fit and don't feel strain even when you're using the headphones for longer periods. Interestingly, you can remove the ear pads by twisting them, revealing a slot for a rechargeable AAA battery.

The outer sides of the ear cups feature a textured design and the right one features push buttons for volume control and bass and surround sound mode. It also features a power button and an LED indicator at the side.

Sound quality 

We tested the headphones with a Philips 4K TV and a Sony home theatre system. We connected the RS 175 with the TV through the Optical Audio port. It's worth mentioning that the transmitter has to be powered on with the supplied adapter in order to use the headphones. We have to say that the quality of the digital transmission was near flawless and we were able to listen to the headphones even on the other floor and across walls without any hissing or additional noise. The listed range is 100 metres.

The sound would depend a lot on the source and using the Videocon D2H 4K box, we found that the audio quality on HD channels (some come with support for 5.1 channels) was extremely good with voice sounding crisp and clear. Turning on the Bass mode enhances the sound effects especially while watching a movie on the HD channels. We also had no problems listening to IPL cricket commentary and following the game and the experience was even better with the Surround mode on which gives the impression of being in a large hall. However, not everyone would like the Surround mode. We found it to be a little unnatural and turned it off while watching movies.

The sound output levels are pretty good and you'll be able to block out ambient sounds at half the volume levels even though there's no active noise cancellation.

The headphones are powered by two rechargeable AAA batteries and offer 18 hours playback time but your mileage may vary depending on the volume levels and distance between the transmitter and headphones.

Lows sound very powerful when the bass mode is activated otherwise the overall sound tends to be on the bright side. You can disable the bass mode when watching dialogue-heavy content or listening to music that primarily features mid and higher frequencies.

At Rs 19,990, the Sennheiser RS 175 headphones are a great pair of wireless headphones you'd love if you often end-up watching TV alone and don't want to disturb your cohabitants. Or perhaps your significant other doesn't enjoy watching your favourite sport as much as you do! It's certainly a luxury but the reception and sound quality offered are worth the price.

If you're wondering why you should buy RS 175 over a good Bluetooth wireless headset we'd like to tell you that most TVs that come with Bluetooth do not support wireless audio. You could use a Bluetooth receiver to connect your headphones via your TV's headphone port but there'd be some loss in quality. You can certainly get that setup if you're not finicky about audio quality.

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