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Piku Movie Full Review (Story, Plot, Mistakes and Climax Revealed) [In-Depth Analysis with Box Office Report]


Piku's father Bhaskor's obsessed with his health. Piku indulges Bhaskor's wishes, including a road trip to Calcutta - but what does attractive Rana's driving set in motion?

REVIEW: Straight up, Piku is delightful, a cinematic rasgulla, dipped in the sweet, dark rum of life. Architect Piku Banerjee (Deepika) is only child to 70-year-old Bhaskor (Amitabh) who obsesses about his health - including creating commotion around his stomach's motion. Piku's torn between tenderness for her elderly dad and frustration at being stuck in a rut. Suddenly, Bhaskor wants to visit Calcutta - but insists on travelling from Delhi via road. What happens when intriguing Rana (Irrfan) drives them?
Spoiler alert! Please do not read the following plot summary if you have not seen the film. 

Piku's performances are superb, topped by one of Amitabh Bachchan's best acts. Amitabh is mesmerizing as Bhaskor, a man who delights in being "brutal and honest", but whose eyes are soft as marshmallows when he looks at his daughter.

Bubbling with life, pouring with over-protectiveness, Amitabh runs away with the film, travelling with a 'commode chair', stating Indian men want wives only "to sarve food in the day, sex in the night", interrogating Rana, "Drinking? Driving? Sipping? Taar pore, dhadaam?", telling his bubbly sister-in-law Chobi (Moushumi, lovely and bright), "Tumko like na karne ka, mere paas hai, hai,reason hai." From Angry Young Man to eccentric old gent, Piku is another milestone in this amazing actor's journey.

Alongside, Irrfan's Rana has a wide-eyed, raised-eyebrow sexiness, but also sensitive balance between being annoyed and intrigued by Piku - and her mad dad. Deepika presents an evolved, polished performance, utterly believable as Piku uptight with pursed lips, whose life expands from reading her dad's BP - to reading Rana's eyes.

Piku's story is stunning. It beautifully explores the most basic bond of life - a parent, a child, a beginning and an end. It looks shyly at love. It smiles tenderly at Bengali flavours, at fish fry and digestion pills, but also at universal stories, of irritating relatives and domestics who look after us until we die.

The direction's brilliant. Deft, yet deep, Shoojit Sircar presents characters so ordinary, they're wonderful, people and places intimately intertwined, an aunt pickled in resentment, boats almost painted on a sheet-like Ganga.

With passion, there's precision too, the editing fish-bone sharp, detailing, down to Bhaskor's monkey cap, perfect. Some moments evoke Ang Lee's terrific 'Eat Drink Man Woman'. Others evoke your and my life. Together, Piku makes you shake with laughter. It also makes your heart cry.

Don't miss this gentle rollercoaster ride. Piku's motions and emotions must be enjoyed.

In-depth Analysis

Our overall critic’s rating is not an average of the sub scores below.
Visual appeal

Piku Banerjee (Deepika) is an architect whose life revolves around her elderly father Bhaskor (Amitabh), who's obsessed with his health and his daily visits to the bathroom. Piku has to cut short work meetings and dates when Bhaskor gets constipated. Matters reach a head when Bhaskor irritably insists on firing the maid who comes in daily to clean. 

Torn between tenderness and frustration, Piku becomes brusque, uptight and abrupt, goading her official cab drivers to drive fast, causing them to have accidents. Soon, no driver wants to transport Piku. Rana (Irrfan) is the owner of the cab company, himself blessed with a mother and sister who keep nagging him. Rana has a crush on Piku and tries to convince her to loosen up. But she won't listen to him or to Syed (Jisshu Sengupta), her business partner and friend. 

Meanwhile, Bhaskor won't listen to his sister in law, Chobi (Moushumi), who cheerfully tells him his only health problem is male menopause and he should let Piku get married and have a normal life. Bhaskor is convinced, he says at a family dinner in their home, that women who marry and sacrifice their lives to their husbands' happiness have a 'low IQ' problem. He is determined to make Piku independent - so long as she's not independent of him. 

Bhaskor's friend Dr. Srivastav (Raghuvir Yadav) tells him a Japanese man lived to a hale and hearty 90 years as he bicycled daily. Bhaskor tries cycling but with his devoted domestic aid, Bhudan, firmly holding the bike. 

Chobi invites Piku and Bhaskor to her anniversary party where she introduces Piku to an eligible Bengali guy. But Bhaskor intervenes and tells the guy Piku is an independent, liberated woman - and not a virgin either. Piku is furious and leaves. When Bhaskor returns home, he's in high spirits and keeps singing and drinking. Piku relaxes and doesn't stop him. 

But the next morning, Bhaskor takes ill. Dr. Srivastav tells Piku Bhaskor should take it easy - but Bhaskor decides he wants to go to Calcutta to their family home which a builder is trying to buy. Bhaskor insists they drive from Delhi to Calcutta as flying and trains make him ill. Piku agrees and books a car - but no driver is willing to undertake the trip. When no-one shows up to pick up Piku and her dad, Rana decides to drive them himself. 

Bhudan even packs Bhaskor's 'commode chair' for the trip. Rana is amazed at this level of eccentricity and at Bhaskor's constant fretting about constipation. On the way, Bhaskor and Piku sing songs in the car. But the happy mood is punctured when they find a knife at the back and argue with Rana about why it's there. They eventually force him to throw it away although it's part of the car's equipment. 

Rana earns Bhaskor's favour slowly though by advising desi remedies for constipation, like drinking pudina and tulsi boiled. Rana also tells the Banerjees that he's a civil engineer by training but got a job in Saudi which forced him to oversee security guards. When he objected, he lost his job and returned to India, where he took over his late father's transport business. 

They reach Benaras where they halt at night. Piku and Rana sit at the ghats where she tells him she can drive but doesn't like to. Rana tells her she should for driving liberates a woman. He ends up spending the night on a sofa in their room as the hotel is fully booked. In the morning, Rana even aids Bhaskor with a suggestion of trying to relieve himself, Indian-style. 

Leaving Benaras, Piku begins to drive but Bhaskor is overcome with nervousness and objects. When Piku stops, Rana steps in and convinces Bhaskor to change his stand. Bhaskor asks Piku to drive again. They're near Calcutta when Bhudan tells Bhaskor they've left the battery of his hearing aid in a dhaba behind. Bhaskor wants Rana to go back but Rana refuses and gets the upper hand in this difficult family. 

Reaching Calcutta, the Banerjees are happy to be in their family home, Champa Kunj. Bhaskor's younger brother is delighted to see them but his wife Moni is full of resentment at having to maintain the large house on less funds. Bhaskor encourages her to speak up openly as he feels frustration causes constipation. Bhaskor tells Moni he has no intention of selling Champa Kunj and that her frustration stems from not having realised her career potential fully as she was afraid of overshadowing her husband. Piku tells Moni her late mother always said Moni, not Chobi, was responsible for Piku's marriage rituals. 

Bhaskor asks Rana to stay for a few days at their home. As the Banerjee brothers discuss constipation, Rana asks Piku to show him Calcutta. She takes him around the sights and they eat rolls at the Ganga's ghats. Rana tells Piku roots are very important. If these are torn away, very little is left. Rana also asks Piku why she mothers Bhaskor this way and she says at some stage, every child becomes a parent to their parents. Rana says, so if anyone wants to marry Piku, they'll have to adopt her father-child and she laughs. She asks if he'd consider it and he grins and says he's not mad. 

Back in Champa Kunj, Chobi arrives en route to Darjeeling. There's a dinner party that night and Chobi notices Rana is intrigued by Piku. The next morning, she teases Rana about this. Later, Bhaskor asks Rana about his parents and he says his father died of cancer. Bhaskor hyperventilates about how awful it must have been for Rana's father to be on a ventilator and tells Piku to never do the same to him. Rana is upset and packs. When he comes downstairs, he tells Bhaskor it's ok, not to apologise - but Bhaskor tells him to go look at their malfunctioning water pump instead! Rana fixes the pump before he leaves and tells Piku he will ring her. He also tells Bhaskor to be normal. 

Bhaskor borrows a bicycle and goes on a glorious ride alone across Calcutta. Piku and the family are worried sick till Bhaskor comes home with kachoris and jalebis. Bhaskor's feeling fine though and he has a wonderful motion which makes him blissfully happy. The next morning, Bhaskor peacefully passes away. 

Piku faces this bravely and is happy when Dr. Srivastav tells her Bhaskor went with no pain which is what he always wanted. Piku firmly tells the builder's agent they will not sell their family home and tells her aunt and uncle to get a tenant to help with expenses. 

Piku returns to Delhi where Chobi regales relations with stories of Bhaskor at his memorial meet. Dr. Srivastav quietly tells Piku Bhaskor was sure Syed also has constipation. When Piku asks Syed, he is embarrassed - but says yes. Piku meets Rana for coffee and he teases her about Bhaskor in a loving way. The couple play badminton in the drive of Piku's home. When the maid Bhaskor had dismissed comes back hesitantly, Piku tells her to rejoin work the next day. 

Box Office Report

After a slow start on Day 1, the Amitabh Bachchan - starrer 'Piku' has shown huge growth on Day 2 and Day 3. The film showed a good jump in comparison to its first day collections. 

Word-of-mouth marketing can be cited as the reason behind such phenomenal growth on the second day. Piku is expected to make a decent run at the box office in the coming week.

Day 1Rs 5 crore nett
Day 2Rs 8.50 crore nett
Day 3Rs 11 crore nett
Day 4Rs 4.25 crore nett
1Out for shopping, Piku is shown reaching South Delhi's Select City Walk Mall. But in fact, she enters a supermarket located in South Point Mall, Gurgaon!

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