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Strengthening inner self through surroundings

Strengthening inner self through surroundingsEach and every aspect of your life is influenced by the ener gies both external and internal. More importantly, in the science of Feng Shui, it is said that every corner, sector and area of a building has an influence and impact on some aspect of our life and our aspirations. 

Hence, great importance is given to the shape of the property as a cut corner (often also referred to a a cut corner (often also referred to as missing corner) is said to deprive the occupants a certain aspiration which relates to that corner. Similarly, a cluttered area or dark area has a great impact on the wellness of the occupants and can cause sickness and health disorders. In short, the home is a constantly changing reflection of the life of the occupants, so whatever changes one makes in the home, it reflects in their life and aspirations too.

It's a fact that prosperity and abundance circulate through the universe and through all our lives.The flow is never-ending and the circulation signifies giving and receiving or exchange of energies.Hence, ensuring proper design and layout and clean environment would be most beneficial to all.Many associate prosperity with financial wealth but true riches are of many kinds, which include good relationship, health and harmony. Along with material wealth, there is also love, friendships, family, health, knowledge and spiritual wealth, which is essential in our lives to make us better human beings.

Our thoughts, lifestyle, living conditions have a strong bearing on the overall prosperity and in other words, we mirror our environments. It is a known fact that like attracts like and vibrates in harmony hence Feng Shui emphasizes on the quality of energy and design. The mystical actually influences the practical, hence adapting appropriate Feng Shui enhancers and cures in the specific sectors of a building can truly bring in abundance.

Harmonizing our inner self and our immediate surroundings can open the channels to achieve greater prosperity and abundance in our lives. It is believed in Feng Shui that abundance has a particular vibration, a signature energy field, hence when our building resonates in harmony, it leads to both more flow and more energy between occupants and their desires.

Paintings of plants can also encourage healing energies and symbolically enhance the wood, energy which signifies growth and prosperity .

Aroma candles or aroma incense like lavender, ylang-ylang or citronella can help cleanse the space to neutralize bad energies and arguments in a home and bring in peace.

Water Bamboo with nine stalks helps in ushering in good luck.

The dragon is mythical and symbolizes energy and strength. Placing a golden dragon turtle facing the door invites prosperous Chi.

Water features activate positive Chi and usher in prosperity if placed in the living rooms and foyer east and north sectors.

As the environment gets strengthened with positive Chi, it ensures good balance, and harmony which contributes towards overall prosperity and in turn the energy of the occupants will also get a boost.

SBS Surendran - Master Feng Shui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner

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