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Shell study reveals fuel saving myths in India

New study reveals 83 per cent Indians consider fuel efficiency important; sadly 68 per cent admit they really don’t know how to save fuel
Engine Start Stop function to save fuel and avoid unnecessary idling

Most of us in India have been handed down peculiar fuel saving techniques by family members and friends, which we follow like a ritual every morning when we crank up the car, to the way we drive to work and also while tanking up at fuel stations. 
A study called Shell Fuel Economy Fact or Fiction Report, sheds light on these conscious and some unconscious practises and habits that most Indian drivers and riders follow in a bid to improve fuel economy of their vehicles and reduce their driving costs. For this, the lubricant giant analysed the behaviour of 1,000 Indian drivers aged 18 to 40 years, which revealed that while 83 per cent see fuel efficiency being important, 68 per cent admit they don’t know how to save fuel. And 54 per cent of those who are unsure feel anxious about fuel efficiency, and start to believe and practice various fuel saving myths.
Eight in ten drivers think saving fuel is important
It might sound amusing to some, but according to the research almost 95 per cent of drivers believed that keeping the window rolled up and having the air conditioning on would reduce wind resistance and in turn aid fuel efficiency, instead of keeping the AC off and winding the windows down. The most common practice was to warm up the engine before driving off which 92 per cent confessed of, while more than two thirds (69 per cent) believe that by doing so they would save fuel in the long run. The most astonishing bit is that almost half (49 per cent) of the people who participated in this survey also believe that by shaking their car to make it ‘burp’ or release air pockets in the tank while fuelling, also helps in make the car more fuel efficient.
67 per cent people feel warming the engine saves fuel
Commenting on the findings, Ravi Sundararajan, General Manager, Shell Retail India says: “The Shell Fuel Economy Fact or Fiction Report shows just how important saving fuel is for Indian motorists, along with the incredible ways they employ to be more fuel efficient. Some of the beliefs revealed through the study were actually wasting fuel rather than helping to conserve it. It becomes pertinent that awareness about wasteful practices is highlighted.”
hell Fuel Economy Fact or Fiction Report
Thankfully, the survey revealed that most Indians understand the importance of maintenance and change of engine oil and lubricants. The report shows that drivers are choosing high quality lubricants to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency, but many do not know the difference between a mineral and a synthetic engine oil lubricant and the varying benefits thereof. The Indian customer is receptive to new technology and the report shows that innovation in oil is considerably needed.

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