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Samsung announces Galaxy BLADE edge: Chef’s Edition

Samsung lovers still can't get enough of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. The two phones have yet to be released in the market this coming April 10 and by now, I'm pretty sure you know where and when to get them. We've been hearing a lot of great reviews about the latest Galaxy flagship pair and hardcore Android fans are already anticipating for D-Day. But for those who are not impressed by the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, at least not yet, then maybe this new phone will make you salivate. Meet the Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge: Chef’s Edition--the latest and probably the most kick-ass and sharpest device designed by the South Korean giant ever.

I was thinking of getting an S6 edge but I changed my mind. The BLADE edge is even better. Why, it's water proof unlike the Galaxy S6 edge. It has a foldable handle so you can use the phone and show off your chopping prowess in the kitchen. The ergonomic ceramic and diamond edge blade itself is great for slicing, cutting, and whatever.

Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge Chef’s Edition

Since this is a Chef's Edition, it's perfect to use for food photography too. Need to snap a picture of your beautifully prepared and sumptuous lunch? Use the Galaxy BLADE edge. Just make sure you don't drop the phone or accidentally cut someone else's hands.

Samsung wants to prove that you can combine cutting-edge technology and culinary expertise together. The BLADE edge is a perfect example of utilitarianism. The phone boasts of sensors and algorithms that can learn your strength, dexterity, and grip. The phone will remember and adjust the slicing and dicing speed up to 50% faster than you would using an ordinary knife.

Of course, Samsung will not leave the KNOX Security system out because you know, you might cut yourself. You can prevent this actually. Scan your finger on the home button. DO NOT run your finger through the blade lest you want to cut your skin open or worse your finger. (Ouch!)

The phone features human blood sensor so you can't use it to commit a crime because once its makes contact with human blood, the phone will automatically report you to the authorities. So yeah, you've been warned.

Samsung knows accidents can happen so if you cut yourself by accident, just scan your fingerprint, swipe the security pattern, and enter the password. Emergency call will be cancelled if you sing along to a song randomly selected by the phone. Again, just make sure you don't cut the finger that has the fingerprint code stored on the device.

Oh wait, you didn't think this was real, did you? Happy April Fools' Day!

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