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IPhone 6 Vs Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Comparison

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6 edge camera comparison
Apple’s iPhone has always been one of the most consistent camera-phones. It’s evolved over time with each iteration doing a better job of replacing point and shoots. Samsung has also given a lot of attention to its flagship phones’ cameras and has managed to pack in a plethora of imaging feature. The latest versions of the two phones are no different and boast of high end optics.

We took the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 edge cameras to their paces to find out which one does a better job. We shot pictures in day light, low light, and indoor modes as well as with a macro perspective.

1. Daylight

April 17, 2015
Both Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge take breathtaking photos in day light. Samsung’s colours are a little over saturated while the iPhone takes more natural albeit colder pictures. Pictures shot with the Galaxy S6 edge have a warmer colour temperature that makes them more likeable. 

However, both phone cameras offer great amount of detail, right contrast (especially in HDR mode) and super sharp quality.

2. Low Light

April 17, 2015
Low light
This is one area where the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge leaps ahead of Apple iPhone 6 thanks to the Optical Image Stabilization and a faster lens. Low light photos taken with the S6 edge are more detailed and less noisy. 

The iPhone 6 also takes less noisy low light pictures compared to its predecessors but cannot match the Galaxy S6 edge.

3. Indoors

April 17, 2015
Both iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 edge take amazing pictures indoors depending on the ambient light. More the light better the image quality and detail. The object captured in the image looks more authentic in the picture shot with the iPhone 6 though as colour reproduction is better.

4. Other Features & Verdict

April 17, 2015
Other features & verdict
The Galaxy S6’s camera is much faster in taking photos and locking focus is easy. You can even focus on a moving object while recording a video, which can take some getting used to, but overall works out well. You can fire up the camera by double pressing the home button, allowing you to shoot more spontaneously.

Close-up shots show hints of the depth-of-field or bokeh effect, even if you don’t intend. The smartphone can even take great photos that capture high levels of details even at 2X zoom. It also offers 4K video recording which the iPhone 6 does not. 

Samsung offers deep customisation of advanced imaging settings offering more control. The best part about the iPhone 6’s camera is the ease of use. So if you just want a good, simple to use camera, the iPhone 6 is a good choice. 

However, in terms of the overall camera capabilities and image quality, the Galaxy S6 edge wins the contest.

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