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Innovative ways to reuse old saris

Innovative ways to reuse old saris
Saris, irrespective of the material, are used by many for a long period of time. In fact, they are passed on to future generations and even treasured for years on end.However, maintaining them can be quite a task. 

So, if you're finding it difficult to throw away or keep some of your saris or those of your mother's or grandmother's, don't fret. Here are some easy ways to save all your wonderful saris in style... Kurtas

If you've ever desired to wear one of your mother's saris, but have been unable to because of a small tear in one corner of the sari, here's a way you could wear it. Take the sari to the closest tailor and ask them to stitch up a kurta or short top from it, for you. If it's a plain sari, you could use the borders for sleeves and the neck in order to give it some design and character.And if it's a net sari, you can get the tailor to use some lining cloth for the body, but can let the net remain for the sleeves. This way, you could design your own kurtas from the saris dis carded by your mother or grandmother.

Cushion covers: Cotton saris with zari borders are ideal for making cush ion covers. silk and silk-cotton with gold work can also be used if you are looking for a bright and grand cushion set. If you think one sari will not suffice for your cushions and bolsters, you could use one colour for all the cushions and a contrasting shade for the bolsters.This way, you have a vibrant and brand new ethnic diwan set.

Keychains and bookmarks: Puzzled? Here's the trick: Cut out the borders of saris you like into fairly narrow rectangles. To make bookmarks, glue these borders onto pieces of cardboard, punch holes on one end of each of them and loop small satin ribbons through the punched holes. A keychain is easier to make: Take a strip of your chosen border, put a tiny brass bell and a key ring through one end of the strip and join the ends with stitches. So, one end can be your keychain and the other, a tiny bell.

Patchwork frame: If there are a bunch of saris you would not want to throw or even put to use in any manner, here's an ideal way of treasuring them. Take a bunch of your favourite saris and pick out the best parts in all of them. Stitch each of those parts on a thick cotton cloth to give it firmness. Then stitch all these bits together to make your own sari patchwork. If you want to treasure this, you could frame it and place it under a spotlight on the wall, but if you want to use it, you could turn this into a curtain.

Quilt: There's nothing more comforting than sleeping on your mother's lap like a baby and these saris will help you doing so. Take about four or five old saris that you want to get rid of and arrange them one on top of another ensuring the borders are all aligned. If the lengths of the saris are too long, fold the base sari to a particular length and align the rest accordingly. Stitch them all up at the borders and then also stitch across the width horizontally to keep them in place. Then, place your favourite sari over the pile of stitched saris and cover them with it. Use your needle and thread to firmly attach this sari to the others and your quilt is ready.

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