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Ek Paheli Leela Movie Review (Story, Plot, Mistakes and Climax Revealed)


STORY: London-based model Mira (Sunny Leone) comes to India on an assignment. She falls in love with a prince in Jaisalmer and gets married to him. Meanwhile, a budding musician Karan (Jay Bhanushali) is getting persistent nightmares after hearing an old Rajasthani folk tune and keeps muttering the name Leela in sleep. How is Mira related to Leela? This one is more than just a reincarnation tale.

REVIEW: The tendency of not taking a Sunny Leone film seriously is going to change. Ek Paheli Leela might not be a cinematic treat but its tricky climax Emakes it watchable. With a solid story in place, this vivaciously shot reincarnation drama is plotted carefully with its loose-ends knotting up into a thrilling end.

Unlike the usual fare that compliment the actress' bold persona, the forte of this film sprawls beyond its scintillating bits. It starts on a droopy note and meanders initially but once the parallel stories merge, it advances smoothly towards the jolt of its unexpected climax.

What dampens the strength of the plot are its sexual innuendos and the needless songs that keep popping in frequently without adding much. There are nine songs forced into the package which water down the film's punch. The story shifts briskly between the present and the past without seeming too disparate. With its runtime of over two hours, the film gets tedious, something that could have been easily rectified by sharper editing.

Director Bobby Khan amps up the oomph quotient, helping Sunny pull a character than demands a steady performance. And to be fair, she has delivered her most earnest act so far. She has worked on her linguistic skills seriously and can emote a lot better than before. The men are good but Rajneesh Duggal has the most palpable chemistry with Sunny. Mohit Ahlawat and Jay Bhanushali are good and Jas Arora's vamp act was wicked.

You might guffaw at a few scenes because the film isn't exactly an epitome of logical thinking. But as an entertainer, it's colourful, crisp and convivial.
Spoiler alert! Please do not read the following plot summary if you have not seen the film.


The movie starts with Karan (Jay Bhanushali)shifting homes in Mumbai. Karan is shown as a singer and musician who often helps his sister Radhika with music for her fashion shows. Radhika, is a fashion photographer who works closely with Andy (an event manager), and for a show the duo manage to get on board the sizzling Mira. Mira, is a model, whose ramp show is a big hit. Over a night of drunken revelry, Radhika and Mira bond. On the shoot next day, lights go out when Mira is alone and she faints. When Radhika takes her to doctor, she finds out that Mira is claustrophobic. On prodding, Mira reveals that her parents passed away in a plane crash which she survived. The trauma of it lingers even in her present. Mira is offered by Andy a fab shoot in Rajasthan. But since she has a fear of planes, she declines. Radhika and Andy get her drunk and get her to India.

Meanwhile in Bombay, life is getting more difficult for Karan, who gets persistent dreams of someone whipping him. Ina n attempt to figure why, his friend takes him to a pandit (nari-shakti scholar) who tells him that his pain is rooted in his past life. There's an unfinished business that needs to be completed.

Mira meet Ranveer Singh, a prince, in Rajasthan. The two eventually fall in love and get married. Ranveer is in middle of a property dispute with his cousin Vikram Singh - who doesn't leave one instance of leching at Mira.

Karan travels through his past and figures out that he was Shravan, 300 years ago. He was in love with a girl named but his master Bhairao (known for his artistic skills) adopts her as his muse. She becomes the object of his lust. Bhairav begins making a statue of Leela. But when the statue is complete, she excitedly gets Shravan to see it. Shravan, who decides not overpower his master chides Leela for it. Bhairav discovers that Leela is in love with Shravan. In a fit of rage, Bhairav kills both Shravan and Leela. Karan travels to Jaisalmer to figure out why his past is still haunting him.

He goes to Bhairav Kaksha (a place of dispute between Ranveer and Vikram). Vikram finds Karan and he takes her to Ranveer. Mira recognizes him as he had composed songs for her ramp act before. Karan tried to tell Mira about his real intentions of excavating the truth. When Mira is eventually told by Karan about his past and their relationship then, she takes offense and asks him to leave. Karan then plays a song that takes Mira back into their past and she recognizes the incidents Karan was telling her about.

Mira and Karan gets kidnapped by Vikram who is looking for a statue that Bhairao made of Leela. The current market cost of the statue is 1000 crores and the greedy Vikram wants the moolah to himself. When there, Mira tries to recollect things from the past. When asked about the statue, Karan reveals that the statue was hidden behind a wall. When Vikram gets to the statue, he is killed by Ranveer. Karan tries to woo Mira, but Mira doesn't receive well his luring. She slaps him and makes it clear that the Ranveer is the love of her life. It turns out Karan was wrong all along. He was actually the reincarnation of Bhairao and not of Shravan (who got reincarnated in Ranveer). Karan tries to redeem his ills by committing suicide but Mira and Ranveer don't let him.

1In the scene where Rajneesh and Sunny make love, it is clear that Daniel Weber was a body double for the scene.
2The last suicide sequence looked unconvincing.

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