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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H2 headphones review

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H2 headphones review


- Lightweight
- Stylish
- Brilliant sound
Danish company Bang & Olufsen is known for its luxury audio products that focus on minimalist aesthetics and high quality materials targeting people who prefer to listen at leisure. This however, doesn't imply that it doesn't pay the same attention to acoustics. 

With its affordable B&O Play products, Bang & Olufsen wants to reach out to more people. We've been using the BeoPlay H2 over-the-ear headphones, the company's least expensive headphones part of the Play line-up. For as low as Rs 14,990, you can own your own pair of Bang & Olufsen's. But is the price really worth it? We try to find out... 

Look & feel 

The BeoPlay H2 are flexible over-the-air headphones that are very light weight (155gram) due to the composite structure while the genuine lambskin leather on the cushions offers a comfortable, soft feel. Designed by Jakob Wagner, the headphones look fashionable and offer good flexibility thanks to the use of adaptive fit technology in the headband. The outer covering of the band and ear pods feature clothing-like rugged textile material in silver, blue and green colours. We got a blue coloured (Carbon Blue to be precise) unit to review. 

We have to say that the headphones adapted to our head shortly after wearing them, without any hiccups. They felt very soft and comfortable. Interestingly the cushions can be easily rotated when you take the headphones off and hang them around your neck. The cushions offer good sound insulation even though there's no noise cancellation technology employed.These little things show how the company cares about ergonomics and attention to detail. The 3.5mm cable that connects the headphones to an audio source is detachable and connects at the left cushion. The wire also features a remote to increase the volume and play or pause the music and a microphone for phone calls. 


Sound quality 

We tested the headphones with an Apple iPhone 6. The BeoPlay H2 offer sound output as good as the headphones look. There's a 40mm custom Bang & Olufsen driver inside the headphones along with a bass port and neodymium magnets, which gives a rich sound experience. 

The sound output levels are pretty good and you'll be able to block out ambient sounds at just 50-60 volume levels even though there's no active noise cancellation. 

Without doubt the BeoPlay H2 headphones offer excellent bass without any distortion at high volume levels. The percussion effects at the beginning of One Bit's 'Won't hold back' sound rich complete with the thump. If you love electronic music, you'll have a great time working out with these headphones. 

The headphones deal with high frequencies with the same elan and you can easily distinguish between all musical instruments. Even the mid-range frequencies sound rich and clear. Vocal textures have the perfect tone. You can get a good idea of John Legend's range when you listen to the unmixed 'All of me' track through the headphones. 

We love the BeoPlay H2 headphones. These offer a great mix of good style and great sound quality, at the same time offering optimum ergonomics. At Rs 14,990, they're the cheapest B&O's you can own and offer good bang for your buck. Our only gripe is that these don't come with a case. 

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