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Amp up your home with wall art (with DIY)

Amp up your home with wall artWall art is becoming increasingly popular. Here are ways you can select the perfect one for your abode 

If you love decorating your home with various artefacts, decor items etc, don't miss out on decorating the walls in your house as well. Artwork is a crucial part of decorating your house. You can use it to set a mood or simply to add an accent. It can also add a finishing touch to a space or could also be an inspiration for design. Thus here are ways you can choose the right one.

Match the colour scheme
The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider is that your room should not look like a mess with various colour combinations. For example, if the walls of your room are blue or pale pink, you can create a wall art with a neutral colour like white.

Highlight just one wall 
A wall art or painting looks great when you choose the right space for it. All the walls in your room cannot have the same wall art, thus just choose one area which you would like to highlight. It could either be your living room or the bedroom or the dining room.

Choose a style
Opting the right wall art is extremely important. If you wish to highlight a wall in your bedroom, you can try various combinations from trees or birds. If you wish to do it in your living room, a landscape or a skyscraper wall art would be the perfect option.

You ideally don't have to hire an expert to do a wall art for you. You can also do it at home with this simple DIY guide.
- Colourful dripping wet ink drawings can be made with coloured inks. Use a stencil to make a drawing. Now splatter inks or watered paints onto the canvas and allow the paints to dribble down. You can alternatively also do it with melting crayons.
- If you aren't too good at drawing don't worry. You can paint your favourite song lyrics or movie dialogues on the wall too!

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