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You have to be seriously deluded to think these pick up lines would be effective.
A priceless collection from friends and family. I was also the proud recipient of one!
First up let me tell you, I’ve never tried a pick up line. Call me shy, or stupid, but I’ve always waited to be approached. And it’s always been a simple ‘wanna dance’ or ‘hey we met the other day’. So when I heard about these gems I seriously wondered… are these guys real?
First one is from my my sister-in-law. She isn’t very active on Facebook, infact it took a lot to convince her to get an account. And along came this stalker. And one fine day he gave to the world, this beauty of a line.
How she reacted: This was the last straw, she deleted her Facebook account.

My 14 year old niece has a secret suitor, and he actually threw a paper note at her and disappeared into thin air. What she read, blew her mind and later mine.
How she reacted: She hates DDLJ now. Stupid Simran.

The next guy is an acquaintance, and wrote to this girl who’s a friend of mine. The cheesy level on this one is over 9000!
How she reacted: This line got what it deserved… nothing. A big fat 0.

Here’s a case of mistaken identity, or should I say, sexes. A phone stalker got his eyes on my profile picture which had me and my girlfriend. So the poor, cheesy, Whatsapp Romeo thought he was hitting on the pretty girl in the picture. 
Reaction: I threatened to report him for homosexual advances. His final message to me was, “Sorry bhai misunderstanding ho gaya. Tc.”

And now for the grand finale, the crown jewel is this Whatsapp text which was accompanied by millions of smileys and kisses. My ex-girlfriend had to face this one. He was a real poet.
Reaction: We had a rhyming contest which ended with a very rewarding finale. As for him, she used the power the app gave her…she blocked him on Whatspp.
I’m sure you’ve heard worse, share now!

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