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The right way to use dry shampoo

A popular alternative to regular shampoo, here are ways you can use it the correct way

If you don't have enough time on your hands to shampoo and condition your hair early morning before rushing off to work, do not worry. Dry shampoo helps absorb the oil that makes your hair look greasy without drying your scalp out, just like a normal shampoo would do.
The right way to use dry shampoo
Test it first
A great way to go about using this shampoo is by using it on a day when you don't have to go out for work, meetings etc. Just before you go in for a shower, use it on your hair and leave it on for sometime.

Apply it properly
Before you begin to apply the dry shampoo, read the instructions on the bottle carefully. Dry shampoo typically works according to how much oily your hair is. Start by shaking the spray approximately 30 cm away from your head and then spray for around one to three seconds. Lift your hair in sections to get to the layers underneath as well. Begin by spraying from the nape of your neck working up to your crown. Allow the starch to settle before it completely dries out your hair.

Do not comb immediately
Since the oil needs some time to settle or absorb, do not comb right away. Wait for about five minutes. Then softly brush through your hair so that your scalp does not start secreting oil.

Box - What you must know
Dry shampoo is basically a mixture of aerosol propellants, absorbing agents, solvents, conditioning agents, fragrances, emulsifying agents and preservatives. They help absorb the oil on your scalp, giving it a nicely shampooed look.

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