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The no-makeup look is in style

The no-makeup look is in styleFavour the no-makeup look but wonder if it makes you look like a plain Jane? Fret no more because you aren't alone. 

At a recent international fashion week, models took to the runway without wearing any makeup at all. So, if you want to ditch that makeup (at least for the time being), here's how you can look glam...

- When you skip the makeup, it means that you're willing to let the world see your natural self. And this means showing off your skin. Healthy skin will always stand out and to get it you need to take care of it. This means ensuring that it is well hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day and don't scrimp on your beauty sleep.

- Don't try and save money on beauty products because you might just end up with acne or worse, an allergic reaction. Spend wisely on products that benefit your skin. And don't ever forget to apply sunscreen.

- What many women don't realise that neat eyebrows also make a big difference. Make it a habit to get your eyebrows done every two weeks or as and when you think they need to be done.

- You also need to make sure your attention to your hair. Make sure it is neatly combed and pamper it by oiling it at least once or twice a week.

- Don't forget to pay attention to your dental hygiene as well. A yearly trip to the dentist is a must and brushing and flossing daily is mandatory as well.

- Pamper yourself with regular manicures and pedicures. Nothing makes a woman more attractive than a well-groomed look.

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