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Simple DIY massages for healthy eyes

Simple DIY massages for healthy eyesDull, puffy eyes, under eye bags and dark circles can be quite a nightmare. While regular care and proper diet can help prevent these, following simple exercises can help you get rid of the tiredness almost instantly. Eye massages also increase circulation and stimulates the muscles, leaving you looking fresh.

One quick trick is to rub both hands together till you feel the warmth and then cup both your eyes with your warm palms for a few minutes. You could keep your eyes closed or open. Put in a conscious effort to empty your mind while the warmth and darkness soothes your eyes.

Deal with puffy eyes
- Begin your day by gently splashing cold water on your eyes. This quickstarts circulation.
- Mix four tsp of cucumber juice with one tsp of rose water and pat this around the eye. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off using cold water.
- Grate half a potato along with its peel (the skin has most of the nutrients). Apply this puree on your eye lids and the eye area. Relax for 15-20 minutes before washing it off.
- Place a moist tea bag on each eye for 10-15 minutes.
- Flush out toxins by drinking at least four litres of water every day.

1. Lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Now, use your middle finger to massage your eye socket bones — begin around your eyebrows and go down gently to the bridge of your nose. You can do this either clockwise or anticlockwise for two minutes. Apply little pressure, but do not let the skin around your eyes fold or crease. You could take a little eye cream for lubrication.

2. Activating the pressure points, like the one below your inner eyebrows, under the brow bone, can be soothing. Apply slight pressure on these points using your index finger, at regular intervals. You can repeat this about eight times.

3. The point near the tear duct or the inner corner of your eyes should be pressed very gently with the tip of your thumb. Press for two seconds and then release. This should be repeated around six times. Keep your eyes closed while you do this massage.

4. The temples of your forehead can be massaged with the help of your middle fingers in gentle upward and downward strokes for a couple of minutes, while you lie down with your eyes closed. This may help if you need to to de-stress.

Must do...
Use a pillow to prop up your head while sleeping. Lying on a flat surface may lead to puffy eyes

Always use eye makeup remover to clean your eyes and then wash off with a soap-free cleanser before you retire for the night

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