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Should you use sun block round the year?

Apart from the barely-there winter and a two, maybe three months of heavy rain, the city can face sizzling temperatures. 

This over-exposure to the harsh sunlight often results in skin woes and can even be one of the major causes of early premature ageing, especially in women. What is worrisome is that even 15 minutes of being outdoors - and thus UVB and UVA rays - is dangerous.

But there is a solution in the way of a suntan lotion, which can keep pigmentation, severe tanning and the appearance of fine lines, at bay. It recommended to use sunscreen all the year round and on a daily basis.

Skin expert Dr Jamuna Pai feels this can cause skin issues. "Pigmentation in this context means hyperpigmentation or excessive pigment deposit on the skin which can either cause an even tan or darker looking skin, patchy or blotchy skin or distinct dark patches that disrupt the even look of the skin. Thus, finding the cause and treating it is half the battle won. Use of a sunscreen regularly at least twice a day at 3-4 hour interval is a good way of protecting against darkening. Also, topical skin lightening creams (under advice from a doctor) as well as oral vitamin C tablets and avoiding the sun's direct rays from 10am to 4pm, are certain preventative steps," she says. Use your sunscreen at least 10 minutes before you go outside and choose one with the SPF factor that suits your skin best.

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