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Seasonal beauty must-haves

Seasonal beauty must-havesAs seasons change, so must your beauty regime. It protects your skin and also ensures that it is not damaged with fluctuations in weather. With a slight nip in the air these days, your skin may become a bit dry and parched, if you do not take adequate care. 

Sunscreen is a must
The application of a sunscreen during the day is crucial. This is because as seasons change, your skin finds it difficult to adapt to the change quickly and when you step outside your house in the morning, it may lead to tanning. Choose a light SPF, based according to your skin type and apply it at least 20 minutes before you step out of your house.

Ditch forming face wash for moisturising ones
This is the time when you should go in for a moisturising face wash so that your skin stays smooth and soft, even after you've washed it. A moisturising face wash also nourishes your face and doesn't dry it out. You can use it once or twice during the day, depending on how many times you wash your face.

Light-weight lotion during the day
If you are not stepping out of your house during the day, consider using a light-weight moisturiser which will keep your skin well-hydrated during this time. The moisturisers that you use during the day should not be heavy, else it will make your skin look greasy and oily. Those with aloe vera and rose are great for daytime wear.

Carry a hydrating lip balm with you all the time
A lip balm is a must-have during this season. As the weather changes, your lips are prone to become dry and then ultimately lead to cracks. To prevent this, use a lip balm before you apply a lipstick.

Use an under eye cream An under eye gel can be used during the warmer months, but with the change in weather, consider using a cream instead. Before you retire for the night, wash your face with a moisturising face wash and dry your face completely. Apply the eye cream under your eyes and gently blend it in.

A thick night cream will work wonders
Since your face tends to heal the most at night, consider using a thick night cream that will moisturise your face well and will also heal the cracked lines that develop as the weather changes.

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