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Mario now plays his own game

Mario now plays his own game It seems Nintendo's world-famous plumber will soon have his adventure in a slightly different way.

A team of researchers at the University of Tubingen, Germany, have created an artificial intelligence project that allows Mario to respond to commands and make decisions based on given instructions.

The AI project mainly depends on voice recognition and uses Carnegie Mellon's speech recognition toolkit. Based on what he knows and understanding the phrases from the toolkit, Mario takes his action.

For instance, Mario is able to learn the outcome of jumping on a Goomba after being told or learning it on his own. When Mario is "hungry", he will seek out coins and when he is curious, he will explore the environment.

Also, he can plan his actions in advance. When asked to reach a location, Mario, calculates his moves including the number of jumps and the direction.

Mario the Plumber, is one of the most iconic video game characters, helping Nintendo maintain its status as top video game maker over two decades, from the era of 8-bit games to the current age of high-definition games. The character has undergone several iterations but has not lost its charm among its loyal followers across the world.


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