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Look younger with thicker brows

Look younger with thicker browsBushy arches are raising eyebrows. Here's how to add that innocent girl-next-door appeal to your face...

Thick and shapely eyebrows will never go out of style. Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Cara Delevingne and Penelope Cruz are sporting thick arches and have heralded a trend amongst youngsters. The way you shape your brows can change your look, taking away a few years and also, lending freshness your face. Pencil-thin eyebrows are out — they give a mature look. Go thick, instead. Here is all you need to keep in mind when opting for thicker eyebrows.

Grow it out
You must let your brows grow out completely before you can ace this look. For a few weeks, leave your brows alone — do not pluck, thread or brush them. "Let the strays be, because what could be strays for you could actually be important for the salon professional," says aesthetician Ritu Tanwar.

Mind the gap
Ask the eyebrow artist at the salon to maintain a gap between your brows — you don't want a thick unibrow now like artist Frida Kahlo's, do you?

Oil well
It is said that castor oil is great for hair growth. "Before you retire for the night, make sure you apply castor oil with vitamin E oil, using a brush, on your scant eyebrows," says cosmetologist Dr Jamuna Pai. Your brows will grow faster, leading the way to a fuller look.

Fill it in
In a hurry? Take a brow brush with some grey or dark brown eye shadow and fill in to solve the problem of scant brows. "If you are using an eyebrow pencil, avoid drawing one dark line. Instead, use the pencil in small, light strokes, one over the other, just the way your eyebrow hair looks," says makeup artiste Clint Fernandes. Dark black pencil or eye-shadow looks unnatural and unsightly, so avoid it.

Use a brow mascara
A brow mascara is a secret weapon that can give your brows a well-groomed finish. "Sweep it on if you want to highlight them or give them a different hue," says Sonic Sarawate, senior makeup artist.

Care for your scalp and skin
If your skin and scalp are not healthy, it will reflect on your eyebrows too. They could appear thinner. So, eat a well balanced diet. Make sure your scalp is dandruff-free and your skin healthy.

Do not overdo threading Get only the extra hair growth removed for a month — this will let your eyebrows grow out well. You can then get the desired shape you want.

Deal with scant brows Use a brow pencil or a brush with some eye-shadow on it to fill in scant eyebrows

Use the right tools Sharpen your eyebrow pencils. Use colours that are close to your natural hair colour. Avoid dark black.

Get the perfect brow for your face shape

Oval face This is the ideal face shape and almost all brow shapes look good with it. A soft-angled, slightly sharp arch looks best.
Long face To camouflage a long face, your brow shape should ideally be flat (a slightly downward curve would also work). This makes a long face look shorter and more proportionate.
Round face High-arch eyebrows are best suited for this face shape. Avoid rounded brows.
Square face Go with the jawline — if it is bony and strong, then your brow should be more angled and arched. The trick here is to begin with a curved shape and then balance it with an angle, depending on the shape of your jawline.
Heart-shaped face Since the forehead is the widest part of the face and the chin is pointy, the brow should have a low arch and should be rounded and curved. Keep it as rounded and smooth as possible to balance out the pointed chin.

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