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Grooming for an Indian Groom

Grooming for an Indian GroomIf regular spa treatments, facials and the whole metrosexual routing is not your scene, you're going to have to start making trips to the salon if your big day is near. Because along with your bride, all eyes will be on you too, so you have to make sure you look your best.

Skin: If your skincare routine was just a simple face-wash, you better start thinking about extending it. If you have a month on hand or more, you're in luck and can catch up with a skin care routine.

1. First off, extend washing your face to twice a day instead of once.

2. Use a moisturizer after your shave if you have dry skin.

3. Use a scrub or a face pack once a week. Also, get a cleanser and use it at night to wash your face to remove grime. A scrub will also hep remove blackheads and dark spots.

4. The day before your wedding, or on the wedding day if you have time, go to a salon and get a facial done. This will help you look and feel fresh through the tiring day.

Hair: It's important to know how to get a right haircut for your wedding, since your wedding photo is rather precious and will be seen by your future generations.

1. Get a haircut a week before your wedding. A haircut just a day before will make you look odd since a new haircut takes time to set in naturally. Also, if you're not happy with the cut, a week can give you time to correct the cut.

2. A month before your wedding, condition your hair every alternate day or at least 3 days a week. This will help your hair look health

3. Choose a product in your hair according to the weather. If you're expecting to sweat a lot, don't wear hair gel. Use a putty, wax or clay instead.

4. Do oil massages every alternate day, or at least thrice a week, so that your hair looks softer.

Beard: If you are planning to keep a beard for your wedding day, you better prepare for it in advance so that you're not sitting confused in front of a mirror, razor in hand, a night before your wedding.

1. If you've never worn a beard, grow one a month prior and see how it looks on you. Try your wedding day clothes on it and see if it goes with the look.

2. You can experiment with several looks like a full beard, a moustache only, a French beard or even a mild, short one, depending on your growth.

3. Don't do the beard yourself. Go to your barber and let him handle your facial mane because a mistake can ruin your entire look.

4. Full beards look great on Indian wear, while a short or a French beard looks good with a blazer, so wear your facial hair accordingly

Emergency grooming: If you only have a week or less in hand and are stressed about how you will look, try and relax. There is plenty you can do about the situation here.

1. Immediately visit your local salon and ask for skin care packages that they have

2. A two or three day skin care course will easily help you repair your skin and brighten it up for your big day.

3. Don't be afraid to use a bleach or other skin treatments that you've never used before. However, ask the salon professional to use mild products since there is a chance you could be allergic to some stronger products.

4. If your eyebrows are out of place, you can do a bit of threading there, but make sure you tell the salon professional to not go beyond the ---natural line of the eyebrow. Also, do a manicure ---and a pedicure a day prior to the wedding, since that will basically complete your grooming routine

Fitness: If you always wanted to get rid of that paunch and start a fitness routine, there is no better time. So, if you have at least six weeks, its time you got into beast mode about your fitness

1. Enroll in a gym and follow a strict, six-day-a-week workout routine. Tell the trainer how much time you have and what all needs to be done to achieve the look.

2. Make sure you do the proper diet, and stick to it. Quit junk food as that will make your workout less effective. Find out your body type from the trainer as that will help you select the right kind of diet for you.

3. If you don't need a lot of workout and are in reasonable shape, start running half an hour or more every day, as that will help tone your body.

4. Make sure you don't overworkout and exert yourself, as that will increase chances of injury to your body. A strict, healthy diet and proper workouts are adequate for a decent physique.

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