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For those selfie-ready locks

For those selfie-ready locksDo's and dont's of using a dry shampoo

There are days when shampooing and conditioning your hair is no less than a Nirvana. But then there are days when though we are running short of time, shampooing is the only way to escape a bad hair day. Well, worry not, as there is an easy solution to this. Dry Shampoo! As the name suggests Dry Shampoo is a powdered substance that helps you to extend the shelf-life of blow-dry. Practically it is best used in situations when washing hair everyday becomes a task or when there's a lot of water scarcity. While what many don't know is that dry shampoo is not a new phenomenon and has been in usage since a long time. Not only does it soak up oil from your hair, but it gives you an equally sexy looking hair even on the second consecutive day without shampoo. However, make sure that you take a note of certain do's and don'ts before using that magical wand:

1. Never use dry shampoo on damp and wet hair, not only will it damage the hair but you won't get the desired results.

2. Make sure that you spray at least five — six inches away from the roots, as it will get evenly distributed and at the same time will also help to create more volume.

3. After applying dry shampoo wait for atleast two - three minutes as it will add more bounce and volume when you wait for few minutes before you start styling them.

4. Not many know that the right kind of hair brush when used with dry shampoo can give you the much needed volume and bounce to your everyday hair styles. A slim hair brush with tourmaline bristles will help you to work your way through beautiful looking mane.

5. Once you have waited for few minutes for the shampoo to settle in your hair, blend it properly. Also a little massage while blending the shampoo in your hair strands is a great option for photo ready hair.

6. Be patient. Let your fingers and hair dryer do the magic but be patient enough as there might be chances that you would have to work a little extra to remove certain small white particles that forms while the shampoo starts to settle down.

7. Who doesn't love to twirl their photo ready hair? But seriously, keep your hands away from them as constantly running your fingers through shampooed hair has higher chances of spoiling the entire style.

8. Make sure that you wash your hair regularly and use these products only in case of emergency or dire necessity.

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