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Buyers' guide: PC vs Apple Mac

Everytime you are in the market to buy a new computer, you have to struggle with the basic question of where your allegiance lays -- a PC or Mac. 
Buyers' guide: PC vs Apple Mac

The answer to this confusion could lie in understanding your core requirements. Take a look at how you can pick your side:

1. Price considerations

Feburary 13,2015
Price considerations
Firstly, you can get a functional Windows 8.1 'computer' (read tablet) for as low as Rs 10,000. You can connect an external keyboard, mouse and monitor ­-- for an additional Rs 5,000, bringing your total to Rs 15,000. 

Compared to that, the entry-level Apple MacMini starts at Rs 36,990. Additionally, a traditional laptop like an Asus EeeBook with Windows 8.1 is available for just Rs 14,999, whereas it would cost you upwards of Rs 60,000 for a new MacBook.

Finally, Microsoft has just announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for existing users of Windows 7 and 8.1. Windows is the clear winner here.

2. Flexibility and upgradability

Feburary 13,2015
Flexibility and upgradability
The hardware of most Windows devices can be upgraded and when required with off-the-shelf parts. In a Windows desktop, you can change each and every component. 

An iMac comes with a pre set configuration and cannot be upgraded. The exception here is that on a MacBook, you can change the hard drive and upgrade the RAM yourself without voiding the warranty.

3. Third party software

Feburary 13,2015
Third party software
Windows has a significant advantage over Mac here -- it has a lot more free apps for everything in comparison to the OS X ecosystem. In addition, Windows is compatible with a touchscreen while Mac OS X is not -- that's why you're seeing so many Windows laptops and desktops with touchscreens. 

Also, for gaming enthusiasts, Windows is way ahead of Mac OS X in terms of title availability, compatibility as well as experience.Chalk up another win for Windows here.

4. Mac's advantages and a party trick

Feburary 13,2015
Mac's advantages and a party trick
Comparatively, Mac is far ahead in terms of stability and security.

Performance from a Mac for most day to-day scenarios is better. On a Mac, you can have multiple apps running together in separate virtual desktops and switch between them seamlessly. 

Also bear in mind that the OS X is less prone to crashes and there are far fewer viruses or spyware issues with the OS. Mac even requires less routine maintenance as compared to a Windows machine. So far, Apple has pro vided free upgrades to the latest versions of OS X -this is a big cost saving because upgrading to the latest Windows can set you back by a bit.

Finally, the party trick is that you can install Windows on an Apple machine.

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