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Beauty mistakes you should avoid

Tips to take care of skin during oldageMost women are prone to a few basic grooming mistakes. They either end up washing their hair every single day, or applying too much conditioner to make their hair softer and frizz-free. 

Some don't wash their hair and make-up brushes, and end up over-plucking their eyebrows. These mistakes might seem simple, but they are in fact serious enough to damage your skin and hair. Here are some points you need to keep in mind...

Keep all your brushes clean: It's one of those jobs you know you should do, but just can't be bothered about. If you fail to give your brushes a good clean-up, you are allowing bacteria to build up. Clean your brushes once a week.

You don't need to shampoo your hair daily: One belief is that by washing hair every day, you are keeping it squeaky clean and in top condition. You are wrong. Washing your locks so frequently means you strip them of their natural oils; this way, you are actually doing more harm than good.

Too much conditioner can be harmful: People apply conditioner all over their hair and scalp like shampoo. The hair at the roots is new and healthier, so concentrate on the tips.

Take care of your neck just like your face: As part of your daily skin-care routine, do you cleanse and moisturise your neck? Don't stop at your chin. Make sure you carry on and take care of the thin, delicate skin on your neck. This area can be prone to sensitivity so it is really important to look after it.

Do your makeup patiently: When you apply a moisturiser on your skin before makeup, it needs time to dry, so give it a minute before you start applying your foundation. You cannot hurry along with some things, because patience can give you results like nothing else can. If you hurry, the creaminess of the moisturiser can cause the makeup to thin out. So, if you apply it too quickly, you'll get a streaky look.

Go easy with your correctors: It's easy to apply spot creams as soon as you have a breakout, but don't. These creams work on your skin for hours, so make sure you always follow the instructions on the packet. Likewise, don't apply them thickly, your skin needs time to breathe.

Use a protector before styling hair: There really is no excuse for not protecting your hair while using hairdryers and straighteners. Blasting your hair with heat without shielding it in some way will leave it dry, frizzy, hard and in poor condition.

Plucking eyebrows too close to the mirror: If you pluck eyebrows too close to the mirror, you find yourself looking at every hair rather than looking at the overall shape of your eyebrows. This can leave you with thin, uneven brows. Instead, use a large mirror and take a couple of steps back so that you can see your whole face, not just your eyebrows.

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