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Major Mistakes in Movie 'KICK'


A girl asks for donation in between a chase scene. The guy says that it is his last Rs.100 note which she is taking but is donating a Rs.500 instead.

Errors in geography 

Devil drives a London bus in Poland while being chased by Himanshu, and all the cars have UK number plates.

Factual errors 

As the bus gets on to the bridge, Himanshu suddenly appears before the bus though without any means of transportation as he had just crashed his Land Rover. Yet he is in front of the bus unruffled from the accident and before Devil is there on the bridge.

Plot holes 

How does Salman survive after falling in the river with the bus?
In the last scene when Devi Lal emerges as a Police Officer, just a day before he was robbing and a day later he is a Cop. If he was a cop earlier, surely Himansu would have known about it.
Himanshu does not arrest Devil when he throws a loser party. Though Himanshu knows that Devi Lal Singh is the Devil, responsible for damaging property in the bus chase scene as well as causing the death of at least 1 or possibly 2 policemen who were flying the chopper. In fact, Himanshu gives the Devil an opportunity to rob again on November 14th.


The Mistake below may give away important plot points.


When Aslam/Faroz is at the hospital he has chest hair while talking to the Doctor but in the next shot, the chest hair vanishes.

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