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Major Mistakes in Movie 'Interstellar'

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

At the baseball game, right after Donald complains about not having hot dogs, Murphys spoken dialogue differs from her mouth movements when she talks to Cooper.
When Getty is at the house with Murph to check on Coop's lungs, he notices Lois coughing. When he asks her how long she's had her cough, she replies off-camera "A while." However, her reflection can be seen in the window behind Getty, & as she says "A while", her reflection instead shows her coughing into her arm.
At the baseball game, when Murph says to Cooper, "You don't even like farming, dad," the audio is out of sync with her lips.

Boom mic visible 

Boom Mic visible in the rear-view mirror of the car when Cooper has said goodbye to his son and closes the car door.

Character error 

When Mann is attempting to dock with the Endurance but is being refused access, Cooper asks TARS "what happens if he blows the airlock?" As someone who is an engineer and has previously piloted for NASA, it's pretty much impossible for Cooper not to know what happens when an airlock explodes.


When Cooper goes in Murph's room to say goodbye, his watch indicates something like 9 a.m. In the next scene, when he gives a watch to Murph, his watch indicates something like 8.20 a.m.
Cooper draws a schematic on the drawing board to depict a landing on a planet close to the black hole. Two scenes later, the drawing is different from the one first shown.
The drone that Cooper and his children are chasing has an antenna on top. But the one they catch does not have it.
Prior to Coops leaving Earth there are several scenes where he has a spiral bound notepad in his shirt pocket. Throughout these scenes the notepad spiral binding would have a number of loops loose from the pad, then would switch to an undamaged notepad and back again to the damaged one.
When Cooper sits on the bed with Murph,trying to say, "Goodbye," before he leaves, her necklace alternates from being on the outside of her t-shirt and the inside, as the camera perspective changes back and forth.

Factual errors 

Harvesting machines appear in one scene, suggesting harvest is underway. Corn is not harvested when it is green. The plant has matured and the ears ready for harvest when the stalks and leaves appear dried-out, light brown in color or "dead" in appearance. Also: drought or "dust bowl" conditions would not produce the high stalks and robust rows of thickly-foliaged plants as portrayed in the film. The plants would appear sickly and short.
At 1 AU from Gragantua, Miller's planet would be traveling at roughly 0.99c. In the companion book, Kip Thrope explains that Cooper made use of Intermediate Black Holes (IMBH) of roughly 10,000 solar masses in order to match this velocity. However, using a top speed of 0.3 AU / month (the rate that Endurance traveled to Saturn), it would have taken at least three months in Cooper's time (proper time) for the ranger to travel from an IMBH that was just 1 AU away from Miller's planet to Miller's planet. Given the time dilation in the neighborhood of Miller's planet, roughly 15,000 years in Earth time is needed for this leg of the trip. Another three months from Miller's planet back to another IMBH gives a best case scenario of 30,000 years (Earth time) for a trip to Miller's planet and back.
When Romilly asks Cooper to stop the rotation of the ship to get a better look at the worm hole he is not strapped into a seat like Cooper is, only problem with no rotation there is no artificial gravity. He would be floating all over the place and certainly incapable of holding a sketch pad and pencil with two hands!and show cooper the finer points of bending space.
Mann does not appear to age, yet it normally takes at least 23 years for the Endurance crew to arrive Mann's planet.

Plot holes 

As the ranger approaches the Endurance for the first time, Doyle manually handles the docking procedures, however, later in the film we learn that the rangers are equipped with an auto-docking mechanism, which TARS had disabled for Dr. Mann. It would make no sense to risk the entire mission and human species by running the possibility of Doyle messing up when the ranger could have just docked itself.
When Cooper enters the room with Dr. Brand and other NASA members, Cooper claims he doesn't know who they are; however, there are two things Cooper could have noticed in the room that gives a big indication: 1.) There is a flag of NASA revealed to the right of Cooper when he stood up after Professor Brand revealed and opened the secret door. 2.) There are multiple pictures of former astronaut pilots hung on the wall in front of Cooper.

Revealing mistakes 

When Brand climbs onto CASE to rush her back to the Ranger, she's lying in the opposite direction when they start making their way back.

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