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Major Mistakes in Movie 'Bang Bang'

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

Kohinoor origin is at Kollur Mine, vinukonda, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.


When Zorawar and his driver were driving Harleen for further interrogation, she pulls out a gun already hidden in the car. Rajveer appears in the next scene shooting at their car and breaking both the rear view mirrors of the car. Later in the same sequence when Rajveer drives the car with Harleen, the rear view mirrors appear again, intact.
After Rajveer is beaten up badly by Omar, his leg is brutally hit by a rod yet he wakes up and runs like nothing happened.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Plot holes 

Towards the end, when Omar is pointing a gun at Rajveer and attempts to shoot him, Rajveer repeats the same words his brother Viren said when Viren was in a similar situation at the start of the movie. Rajveer then asks Omar if he recognized these words revealing that he knew these were spoken by his brother in his final moments. However, there was no way for Rajveer to know what Viren said to Omar at that moment.

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