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Major Mistakes in Movie 'PK'

Character error 

P.K. blinks his eyes several times throughout the film.


In her entry scene, Jaggu is shown locking her bike and then she heads towards the concert. After she ruins old guy's suit, Sarfaraz is shown to immediately ride her on the same bike while she was being chased by security guards.

Errors in geography 

The TV show at the climax of the movie is scheduled to being at 6PM in New Delhi. The light should be low/dim, while Jaggu's mother sits at her house with bright sunlight in background. If it is said that the show was not live, it was recorded, then how come Jaggu's mother can watch it at the same time.
Pakistan Embassy in Belgium is located in Brussels not in Brugge.
At the start of the film, when Jaggu is reciting her story, she mentions that Rajisthan is nearly 5000km far from Belgium; whereas, originally the distance is 6,391 km.

Factual errors 

PK learns the whole vocabulary of the language from a "prostitute" but doesn't have any idea about the word "condom" which he comes across in the second part of the movie.
In the final climax, which is on a Sunday at 9pm IST, Jaggu calls the University administration office at Belgium. Based on the Time Zone differences, it should be Sunday evening approx 5.30 pm CET. Her call is answered by an official, which is not possible, since its Sunday and its 5.30 pm. Jaggu then calls Pakistani Embassy, after the previous call, which should not have been answered, since, the Brussels Pakistani Embassy is closed on Sundays.

Plot holes 

PK throughout the movie says there is no need from language on his planet as they read each other minds, then at the tail end when he come back to planet earth with a research group, he is heard giving instructions to them in Bohjpuri, they should be able to read each other minds.
P.K. tells Jaggu that he had learned Bhojpuri within six hours from the prostitute means he should only know Bhojpuri, but he understands and speaks English as well.

Revealing mistakes 

At the end when Jaggu listens her all the tapes PK recorded, while waiting for him there's a tape recording appears where we can hear jaggu saying "tumhare planet pe sab ke kaan aise hote and blah blah" but at the time she says this in the movie Pk had just woken up.

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