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Will WhatsApp’s Blue Ticks Reduce Your Privacy?

WhatsApp has taken instant messaging to higher levels. We can connect with friends like we never have before. 
Unfortunately, updates to the application may take that joy away. WhatsApp developers have introduced the Blue Tick feature, one that has turned many usually enthusiastic users off. There is concern that blue ticks will disrupt privacy and possibly ruin friendships.
Here is an explanation about what they mean and how they will affect your personal space. You will want to know how to bypass these annoying message indicators as well.
  • What Blue Ticks mean
This feature is available for WhatsApp messengers across all devices. Its intention is to improve the accuracy of message sending.
A single gray tick shows you that you sent a message. A double gray tick means that WhatsApp delivered it and two blue ticks tell you that the recipient read it.
To make message sending more spot on, you may even view message information by pressing and holding messages. This shows the specific time a person read them.
  • What Blue Ticks mean for privacy
It is now harder for you to ignore annoying messages. Conversely, knowing when you read messages makes it easier for others to track your movements. Friends will ask frantic questions if you do not reply to them. If a friend sees two blue ticks on his message to you without a reply, it confirms that you ignored him.
Turning off the “last seen” feature now seems unnecessary. Regardless of the time you were last using the application, people will know if, and exactly when you read their messages.
Blue ticks will make you jump from conversation to conversation. A person knows when you are using WhatsApp. Suppose his conversation interrupts one you are having. If he does not see blue ticks on his message even though you are online, it is fairly obvious that you are ignoring him in favor of chatting with someone else. You will have to attend to his conversation, lest he feels left out.
These ticks affect group chats as well. Blue ticks show on your message when all members of a group have read it. If no blue ticks show on the messages you sent to a group, they likely ignored your attempts to make conversation.
It seems that worries about privacy are not unfounded.
  • Some explanations for blue ticks
To console disgruntled users, WhatsApp has given some explanations for blue ticks.
You may not see blue ticks when the person’s phone is off. Alternatively, no blue ticks mean that he is comfortably in dreamland, especially if he lives in another time zone.
He may have problems with his network connection, or may not have launched his application even if he received a message notification.
  • How to bypass blue ticks
You may want to protect your privacy by bypassing disturbing blue ticks.
You can peek at excerpts of a message from the notification bar. If it does not look like one that is relevant to you, there is no need to open it. Opening it will send a blue tick and make you obliged to respond.
Another trick is to drag the notification bar down. This allows you to read the message without opening it and sending a “blue tick” confirmation. This works if the message is not too long.
If you are an Android user, you may install a WhatsApp widget on a blank desktop. When you receive a message, simply use the widget to scroll through them without actually launching the application.
Blue ticks are definitely an invasive nuisance, but you can get around them. 

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