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The Evil Within Review – Another Best Survival Horror Game You Should Play

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you should love this one. We had a chance to play The Evil Within for about 23.5 hours on standard survival mode.
One of us was informed that he had been munched alive, and that his head had been shuttered, and his torso sliced several times. Its a wicked creation, tense, yet a tough game if you don’t have clever strategy. Despite the screen bleeding horrendously, we were prompted to return to The Evil Within. With that, I believe is the true definition of survival-horror experience.
Well, Shinji Mikami is the director of this game. He is responsible for creating the iconic Resident Evil 4. And if you’re thinking that The Evil Within is just a rehash of Resident Evil 4, you’re terribly wrong since Mikami’s team at Tango Gameworks have managed to develop a harder and bleak game than before.
The Overview
It appears that this is an investigative game, where you’re expected to unearth the truth behind the happenings at Beacon mental hospital and its fictional city, Krimson. Then you quickly realize that things aren’t as they look like. In fact, you’re gagged! The central mystery becomes compelling, but then it gradually veers off the road, to eventually buckle under the pressure of its own focus-less ambition.
The Game-play
This is also a narrative that features a character called Detective Sebastian Castellanos, who we consider emotionless and cool to the point of being considered as parody. He still asks questions like ”What’s going on here?” after facing the type of monsters that would send an average sober man into a gibbering wreck!
The Evil Within reflects what its name really is. The team behind this game has created strange but incredible places in the first 15 chapters of playing. Even the usual horrors we’re used to have been twisted to bring out rich imagination you can’t find elsewhere. Talk about clanging industrial interiors, meat lockers, or even mannequins who have been given the opportunity to ooze ghastly life.
Now, if we zoom in, we find that spaces are small, plus they reflect linear-level design. But with some light, they quickly turn claustrophobic or even labyrinthian. The interiors are grim, and full of exciting looming shadows. Players are also treated to ornate architecture with ominous escape routes. These things create a terrifying mood of expectation. In fact, once in a while, we realized that we were ducking to avoid an enemy who was shortly revealed to be our own shadows.
Otherwise, the threat of being attacked here is very real. The enemy is smart, intelligent and unpredictable in all their moves. Consequently, the experience becomes exhilarating regardless of whether you choose to fight the enemy or flee. These creatures scream and run, hungry for your blood.
The pros
  • This is a classical survival game that depicts true horror
  • This game can be scary and unsettling
  • The storyline keeps you focused
The cons
  • Can be very frustrating
  • You might experience some technical issues once in a while
Bottom line
If you need a horror game that’s brutal, challenging yet fun to play, this is the game you should try. You will be shocked at how scares grow with limited scarcity. But that’s just how The Evil Within game was designed.

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