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Top 10 Android Games For October 2014

Bored with the games on your smartphone and don’t know what to play next? Well, here is a handpicked list of the top 10 Android games you must check out this month.

1. Star Wars: Commander (Free + IAP)

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
The game is somewhat on the lines of ‘Clash of Clones’ only with extra Wookies and lightsabers. Well, on a serious note, Star Wars and real-time strategy gaming is an epic combination and ‘Star Wars: Commander’ is just that combo. The game scoops in many familiar Star Wars characters with a kick-ass game play.

2. Clumsy Ninja (Free + IAP)

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
Easily the best character to make his debut on Android in 2014 is Clumsy Ninja: “the most hapless ninja ever to grace a touchscreen” according to developer NaturalMotion. He stars in this virtual pet-style game where you train his skills through trampolining, balloon-popping and ninja-basketball. Superb animation makes this a treat.

3. Lumosity (Free + IAP)

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
This popular brain-training game has 60m players already on the web and iOS and now, it has finally arrived on Android. It is actually a collection of mini-games that revolve around brain training. A few minutes every day spent playing this game can surely do your learning ability some good.

4. Block Fortress

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
Block Fortress combines the world-building ideas with tower defense and first-person action. And this makes this game a cut above Mine Craft. The game is highly addictive and takes no time engaging you in the game’s plot.

5. Goat Simulator

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
It might sound weird, but in this game you get to play a killer goat! Yes, you are a goat which is out to kill, destroy and rampage anything that comes in the away. The environment is an open world setting filled with breakable and interactive elements. You can even kill the humans! The game might sound silly and shallow but is extremely engaging!

6. Unmechanical

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
Probably the best puzzle game you will play this season, Unmechanical is futuristic puzzle solving game. All you have to do is shift stuff around with your flying robot's extendable claw. Get ready for some switch-flipping and toing and froing! The visuals are brilliant as well.

7. Spider-Man Unlimited

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
World's most beloved superhero has now been packed into an endless runner game. And since it’s a game loft game, it is simply brilliant. It’s a good arcade romp to get your hands on the same.

8. Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
Want to let your inner monster out? If yes, then install this game. All you have to do in this twisted little game is infecting human beings with the worst diseases you can come up with. And you only win if you successfully kill them!

9. CounterSpy

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
Fantastic 3D graphics, tense, clever gameplay, and a confidence and sense of style makes counterspy a must play this season. This 3rd person shooter is a straight classic!

10. Badland

Top 10 Android Games For October 2014
Badland is set in a weird, dark and gloomy world and therein, you are a flying blob. Your blob gets bigger and smaller, splits into loads of mini clones as you proceed. It’s not only hard to guess what might come your way in the next corner. This suspense coupled with brilliant graphics makes this game a must have!

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