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Watch Dogs 2 Has Huge Potential and Scale, Dev Confirms

Ubisoft hasn’t officially confirmed whether they will release Watch Dogs 2 or not.
There is no press release to say that a game is in the making; but every sign points to the inevitable. With over 8 million copies sold so far, the game is a financial success without a doubt, which the company’s CEO confirmed earlier, saying that despite criticism, it has managed to establish itself as a franchise as well as a brand.
In a recent interview, executive of Ubisoft Montreal Lionel Raynaud said, “We know that Watch Dogs has several flaws and didn’t make it to the perfect score on release. But, a similar problem was witnessed when the original Assassin’s Creed got launched. There was plenty of criticism at first, but it had the potential. It was what made it into such a huge franchise in the upcoming years”.
Comparing Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed
Talking about both games, Raynaud said, “When Assassin’s Creed got released, it was on par with which Watch Dogs was received by the audience. The game had several flaws including repetitive game play loops and it was easily the first in the series. Even though, the idea was large it took time to execute it. The same has happened with the new hacking based Watch Dogs as well, which has exceptional potential for a great series and there could even be new protagonists who could take it forward. We knew that AC would make it seriously big and it didn’t fail our expectations. It has now become one of the most famous of them all, even bigger than the first Prince of Persia trilogy that paved way for Ubisoft to come to the forefront.”
Using the Same Formula
The executive confirmed that just because it received some negative criticism doesn’t mean the game play will be suddenly revived to extremely new areas. The team knows that it’s what made it so popular in the first place and it is mandatory to keep it intact instead of inventing an all new game. From what he said, we can assume that Watch Dogs 2 is going to be more of the same but with lesser flaws, better story and improved elements within the world that would make things interesting for players.
Ubisoft has already signed up to make a Watch Dogs movie and if things go as planned, we may even get to know the existence of Watch Dogs 2 during the annual E3 2015 conference to be held next year.

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