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Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati abuses Karishma Tanna

Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati abuses Karishma TannaAfter Bigg Boss 8 shifted the members of the Secret Society to Flight BB08, the competition to survive in the house has got intense. The game now seems to be going out of balance.

Bigg Boss sent the members of the Secret Society into the flight nullifying all plans and strategies that other passengers would have developed over the past week. RJ Preetam and Deepshika are made the captains of the two teams, where they will select co-passengers to join them. The winner of the task 'Hijack' will move into the permanent Bigg Boss house and the captain of the winning team gets immunity from nominations for the next week.

Deepshika's team had contestants Upen, Aarya, Sushant, Diandra, Karishma and Minisha. While on the other hand Preetam's team consisted of Puneet, Gautam, Praneet, Natasa, Sony and Sukirti.

Preetam's team was made to sit on the flight seats placed in the garden area, while Deepshika's team needed to force them out of their seats to win the task. While the only rules included not being able to physically uproot the contestant from the seat, they could use any means possible. Deepshika's team left no stone unturned to win the task. Deepshika's team used brooms, mops, shaving foam, chili paste, chili powder, onions, rubbed slippers and shoes on their faces, applied Rin soap to the hair and face, oil, listerine, baygon spray and shampoo.

The task showed the true colors of the contestants. The active participants, who didn't spare anyone were Karishma and Diandra. They targeted Natasa by applying chilli paste, powder and rubbing slippers on her face. However, the opposite team (Pritam's team) didn't lose hope and kept their fighting spirit alive. But finally when Deepshika's team began applying chili powder and paste on the faces and bodies of the seated passengers, then the competitive spirit turned into hostility and antagonism. Things took an ugly turn as Gautam had an outburst and vented against Karishma when he could not bear the chili anymore and hurled abuses towards her.

The fight turned so ugly that the all the other housemates turned against Gautam for abusing Karishma. Though, Gautam continued to cry foul the entire night, the Bigg Boss housemates including Diandra and Karishma Tanna were in no mood to forgive him.

Well, it will be interesting to see what happens when the tables turn tomorrow and Deepshika's team will be at the receiving end. 

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