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Are you addicted to food?

Are you addicted to food?Whether you'd like to admit it or not, food addiction can be a rather debilitating disorder. Food addicts feel that just by giving in this once, they will manage their urges next time, only to give in again after a while. This vicious circle then becomes repetitive. 

Read on to find out if you have symptoms of food addiction...

- Do you feel like eating even after you've just finished a heavy meal? Does the thought of food make your crave for it even though you aren't hungry? And more importantly, do you give in to those cravings? While getting a craving is said to be normal, if this happens to you every other day and you can't control yourself, it could be that your brain is asking for something other than food.

- People addicted to food often find themselves overeating. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, they eat more than they thought they would. Find yourself unable to say a no? You need to start learning the importance of 'moderation' in that case.

- Eating until you can't eat anymore is another common symptom. What started off as just one bite soon leads to another and another and you end up eating till you can't move. Learn to know your limits.

- Do you make excuses to yourself about your eating patterns? Do you blame emotions and circumstances to pile food high on your plate? Stop doing that right away.

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