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Why Hang on to Google Hangouts?

Google hangouts is a flagship app from the technology giant Google and, much like all its products, this app is also a big hit among users.
The app, which integrates with the Google mail and syncs the contacts with it, is much more than a messenger as it has many other built-in features. Like many other Google apps, Google has made sure that Hangout stands out among its peers with the best features and technology usage. Indeed, it has been successful in achieving that.
Google hangouts, which might seem like a copy of the Yahoo messenger, is a different app altogether on account of the large number of features that it boasts of and that makes it a market leader in this segment.
Group Chat Feature
A messenger at the core, Google hangouts provides a great platform for people to communicate via instant messages. However, the feature that distinguishes it from other apps is the group chat feature, that allows many people to chat together so that every message in the group is visible to every other person in that group. This makes it easier for those who want to converse or discuss together and want to pass on the same message to a number of people or for families who are located in different parts of the world and want to chat together to share their lives and stay connected.
This feature is surely helpful and convenient, especially because you do not need to shell out any extra bucks to avail this; it comes as free as the Hangouts. You just need the network connection of the phone or the computer to transmit the messages. However, the only pre-requisite is a Gmail ID, which is readily available via a free sign up on Google.
Integration with Google Mail
The Hangouts app is integrated with Google Mail, the widest used mail server in the world. As a result, people can use hangouts from their computers, laptops, notebooks as well as their smartphones via the hangouts app which is already pre-installed in a number of android devices. This auto integration is very convenient for the users who can now directly sync their contacts with their Google accounts and then chat with friends and colleagues using hangouts. No longer would you need to manually add contacts and sync them with your messaging app.
Video Call Options
The app allows people to make and receive video calls to other Hangouts users anywhere in the world, absolutely free of cost. Free video calling has attracted millions of people to use this app. Today, as more and more people stay far away from families, technology also advances in the same pace to bring them closer. Hangouts is one such that has dissolved the boundaries between places and people. Group chatting has even made the world smaller by getting multiple people from multiple locations into one common space. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and in all this fondness, people fall back on video chatting like Google hangouts.

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